What Goes On The Homepage Of Your Coaching Website

The homepage of your website is like your handshake at the beginning of a big interview. During that virtual handshake, your audience will be making a lot of quick and often subconscious judgments as they browse the homepage.  

Conveying the right message on your homepage can be the difference between another new client and an empty client list. It’s absolutely critical to have a clear and enticing message that makes them want to click that “sign up” button.

The homepage of your website should move people further down your marketing funnel, not further away. When someone lands on your website, it should be stupid easy for them to understand what you do, why you do it, and how it can help them. 

Keep your eyes rolling down the page because we’ve got 5 tweaks for your homepage that will start landing you new clients tomorrow. 

1. Start with a Strong Image

We all know the old adage, an image is worth a thousand words. But what you might not know is that visual content grows traffic 12 times faster than written content. Plus, an image will make sure you stick in your audience’s minds. 

Put a face to your name right away. Show people who they will be working with and who you are with a high-quality photo of you at the very top of your website homepage. 

This super simple tweak to your website will automatically boost your numbers, help grow your traffic faster, and make you more memorable to those potential clients looking to hire a coach.


Check out how Amanda—the founder of SPRNG—does this on her own personal coaching website. When landing on Amanda’s website, she’s the first thing you see. Instead of writing an autobiography, Amanda has offered a picture of herself sitting on her front stoop, and this makes her visitors feel welcome to join her.

2. Flash Your Brand One-Liner

The most important element to include on your homepage is the punchy one-liner that clearly explains what you do and how it will benefit your audience. This snappy business blurb should quickly introduce you, your company, and why your visitor should hire you.

Building your brand one-liner is as simple as filling in the blanks:

“I help _____ do _____. “

If you want help walking through the brand one-liner process to make sure it’s on-point, check out this helpful guide (and free brand-script template at the end). 

This small but mighty piece of information about your coaching business distills your full brand and business into one sentence that will draw in potential customers.

Peep how Armoury leads with this one-liner, introduces themselves, targets their specific audience, and promises to help.

3. Create the Most Compelling Call-to-Action

If you’ve gotten this far with a potential client, it would be a real shame if they ended up leaving simply because you didn’t ask them to stay. This is where a strong call-to-action can save the sale when it follows up and compliments your one-liner

The best CTAs in the health and fitness world are clear, concise, and persuasive by offering some juicy info or knowledge to whoever sign’s up. 

Check out how our SPRNG coach, Hilary Downey, captures new clients with a few killer CTA’s scattered about her homepage.SPRNG_blog_hompage2These catchy CTAs work around the clock for you and will help you draw in traffic, leads, and sales even when you’re snoozin’. 

4. Show Off Your Social Proof

You shouldn’t have to do all the talking when it comes to your homepage. Instead of bragging about yourself, let your previous clients do the talking for you. 

Testimonials, recommendations, and endorsements are a gold mine when it comes to building trust with prospects—so hand the mic over to them and let them sing your praises. Make sure your homepage highlights testimonials that’ll help your potential clients realize that you have the solution to their problem, and you’ve fixed this problem for many others before. 

On his personal training site, James Farmer instantly establishes himself as an expert by displaying his client testimonials with pictures of them featured in different magazines.


Whether your market is made up of celebrities or not, you can still follow in James’ footsteps and lean heavily on quotes from previous clients to boost your credibility. 

If you don’t have a section of your homepage that can clearly display your testimonials, tools like Canva have great templates you can use and easily adjust to fit your brand. 

5. Cultivate a Community

Creating a place where you can pour into your current and potential clients is a great way to build your client base and keep them close to you. Whether you have an email list, a podcast, or upcoming webinar, promote these community spaces on your homepage. 

By offering more knowledge and tips on the subjects they’re interested in, you can invite them to join your insider’s group, moving them closer to becoming a trusted client of yours. 

This doesn’t need to be a massive spot on your homepage, but it should entice potential clients to sign-up or commit to your brand so that you can follow up. 

While most people place this invitation at the bottom of their homepage, Adriene places her invitation at the top of her site next to her picture. No matter where you position your invitation, feel free to really show off your brand and tone the way Adriene does. 

Don’t have an email list started for your coaching business? We break down the simple steps to start finding faithful followers in this quick post.

Make Your Visitors Feel at Home on Your Homepage

Like Amanda’s homepage, yours should be as welcoming as a southern front porch. If you follow these five essential tips for your coaching homepage, you’ll be well on your way to have a full house with clients spilling out the windows.

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