The Coach’s Guide to Email Marketing with Mailchimp

Email marketing is the hot ticket in the entrepreneur world. It’s one of the most profitable ways to reach prospective customers and clients. The numbers are mind-blowing. For about every $1 spent on email marketing, companies make about $44 in return.

The best fitness coaches depend on email marketing to grow their businesses. When done right, email marketing allows you to establish authentic connections, trust, and authority with potential and current clients.

But how I don’t even know where to start? 

The answer is simple—MailchimpMailchimp is the email marketing software that allows you to create and manage your email marketing campaigns.

Today, we’re taking Mailchimp one step at a time and showing you how to use it.

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Let’s get into it…

How to Set Up an Audience

Once you set up your account and log in, you’ll be taken to this page.

This is where you’ll begin to manage your mailing audience list. You’ll see in the top right corner the option to “Create Audience.” Select that button to begin.

Next, you’ll be directed to a page that allows you to fill in some details. For now, just worry about filling in the following:

  • Audience name: Give your audience a name so you can reference it later.
  • Default From email address: Pick the email account you want associated with this audience.
  • Default From name: Who’s this email coming from?
  • Remind people how they signed up to your audience: People like clarity, especially when they’re signing up for something new. In the available text box, type up a quick and reassuring reminder of why they’re receiving an email from you.
  • One-by-one: You’ll find this checkbox under “Notifications.” It lets you know when someone’s signed up for your email list, which can be encouraging when you’re starting out. Go ahead and check that if you’d like a little boost in your confidence. 
  • Click save. You now have an audience!

How to Create a Landing Page

Now that you have an audience, it’s time to jump over to campaigns. Select the megaphone icon from the navigation pane along the far left side of your screen, which will take you to this page:

  • Select “Create Campaign” in the top right corner, which will give you the option of several types of campaigns you can create. The first step is to create a landing page. So select “Landing Page.” 
  • You’ll be prompted to fill in your landing page details such as name and the audience you want this landing page to be tied to. Then simply select “Begin.”
  • Once you hit begin, you’ll be able to select your template. While it’s easy at this point to slip into a French beret and get lost in the design, you really don’t have to overthink this step. 
  • Simply select one of the “Lead Generation” templates and customize it however way you want. Add your logo, change the copy. Once updated, hit “Save and Close,” which will take you to a preview page where you can review details. Once you’re satisfied, select “Publish.”

That’s all! Your landing page is now live.


How to Start Sending Automated Emails

Now that you have a landing page associated with your audience, you’re ready to move to the last step. 

  • Go back into your Campaign page (by selecting the megaphone). Select “Create Campaign” like you did earlier. But this time, instead of selecting “Landing page,” chose the “Email” option at the top. 
  • A window will pop up allowing you to create an email. But make sure to select “Automated” along the top. This way, your email will be automatically sent as soon as someone signs up on your landing page and is added to your audience.
  • In the next window, you’ll be given a few options for automated emails (like one that says ‘happy birthday,’ which will help you send automated emails on your audience members’ birthdays). For now, select “Welcome new subscribers.” 
  • Give your campaign a name (for example, you could call this one “Lead Magnet Delivery”) and select the audience you want this email to reach.
  • Selecting “Begin.” You’ll be taken to a review page, like when you created your landing page, where you can double check the details, edit the subject of your email if you want, and make sure nothing needs to be resolved.
  • Now it’s time to give your email some polish. At the bottom of the list, select “Edit Design,” and you’ll be directed to this page:
  • Go ahead and load your email up with your logo, any text you want, images, etc.
  • If you’ve offered your audience a lead magnet, drag and drop in a Button. You’ll be able to customize this button, give it the text you want, and change the style. 
  • A lot of times, lead magnets to come in the form of a PDF (like a menu-planning template or a workout tracking document). If this is the case for you, select “File” in the drop-down options under “Link to.” 
  • Upload the PDF to your lead magnet by selecting “Upload” in the top right corner. Then, select “Save and Continue.” 
  • And that’s it! You now have a complete email. It’s time to launch it. Select “Start Sending.”

That’s all there is to it. You now have an audience, a landing page, and an email that’ll be delivered automatically whenever someone signs up for your email list.

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