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SPRNG Coach Spotlight: Deanna Pizitz

Deanna Pizitz has spent a lot of time around males. From her dad and step-dad to her three sons, she’s paid her dues when it comes to tolerating testosterone. When she found herself ready to take on a new job back in 2015, she knew it had to be a place where more women frequented often.

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SPRNG Coach Spotlight: Hilary Downey

Hilary Downey gained 100 pounds during pregnancy with her first child. After months of holding onto what she referred to as “baby weight” she realized that it was no longer just attributed to her pregnancy, but rather her lifestyle. 

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SPRNG Coach Spotlight: Dana Burke

Dana Burke started her coaching journey four years ago. Today, she runs two different fitness programs, has her own app, is a certified Level 1 Crossfit instructor, and still finds the time to be an awesome mom. 

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The Key To Making 7 Figures As A Coach

You’re reading this article because you’re tired of sacrificing time for dollars. You’re tired spending your entire week coaching with only a few clients to show for it. You’re tired of 1 on 1 sessions every single day, followed by hours of prep work, and no vacations or time spent away from work. 

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