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5 Books That Will Inspire Every Coach

As fitness coaches, our business is our bodies. We put forth the hours in the gym, studying nutrition, and keeping our clients on the path toward success. But sometimes we forget about the mental side of coaching. Just like reps in the gym, great coaches take mental reps all the time.

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3 Keys To Being A More Effective Coach

If you’re a coach or trainer who’s trying to figure out virtual coaching in a global pandemic don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Matter of fact, there are thousands of us trying to navigate the unsteady waters that COVID has thrown in our direction.

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SPRNG Coach Spotlight: Shellby Matullo

Shellby Matullo’s life has always revolved around fitness. From the childhood days of challenging her brother in personal records to competing at the collegiate level, fitness chromosomes have been coursing through her DNA since day 1. 

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SPRNG Coach Spotlight: Nikki Callon

Nikki Callon is no stranger to the health and fitness lifestyle. Her seasoned resume filled with professional and collegiate basketball player speaks for itself, not to mention both of her parents played professional sports as well.

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The Benefits Of Building A Coaching Community

Investing time into a coaching community can serve you from day one all the way through the end of your career. It will help you catch more clients, learn and share valuable information about your field, and establish important relationships that can give you a leg up down the road as your business grows. 

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