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Facebook 101 for Coaches and Trainers

I’m sure like me, you spend a lot of extra time on your Facebook feed. From Buzzfeed cooking videos, to quarantine hacks and viral TikToks, you’ve pretty much seen it all over the last few months. This includes that ad you’ve seen showing up on the side of your feed for a new virtual HIIT class that is on sale.

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Why You Need A Better Call To Action

An effective CTA is an entrepreneur’s secret weapon. It can be the trusted tool when it comes to securing those followers and converting them into paying customers. Whether you’re looking to increase conversions, leads, or sales, a badass CTA is a gateway to getting more action on your website.

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4 Steps To Creating a Monthly Content Calendar

Pumping out content on a regular basis can feel overwhelming.  When you think about it, you probably started on this fitness and health business endeavor because you loved those two things—not because you were passionate about updating Instagram every day.

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