The Key To Making 7 Figures As A Coach

You’re reading this article because you’re tired of sacrificing time for dollars. You’re tired spending your entire week coaching with only a few clients to show for it. You’re tired of 1 on 1 sessions every single day, followed by hours of prep work, and no vacations or time spent away from work. 

Sure your work is consistent, but it’s starting to get consistently boring.

Sounds like you’ve got a case of the one-on-one business sickness. Many trainers get stalled at this stage of their careers and continue to trade time for money. 

Here’s the problem with that business set-up.

There’s a limited number of hours in the day, obviously.  This sets a strict cap on how many clients you can work with every day, week, and throughout the month. When you work with clients one-on-one, you’re limited to your time-slot capacity.

While you can grow your business by charging your clients more for your services, this growth strategy is also limited. You have what it takes to change people’s lives, but you can only reach so many people.

The truth is, one-on-one client relationships keep your life hectic, your income small, and your impact at a minimum.

But there’s a solution that can help you go from side gig to seven-figure service. 

It’s called group training and it’s going to make your schedule more open and your wallet thicker. 

Group training will allow you to step out of the one-on-one and start scaling your side hustle to a full-time job. Here’s what your life with a scaled health and fitness business could look like. 

Picture this…

You’re Making More Money

Opening your business up to group training will double, triple, even quadruple your number of clients, which means more green in your pocket. Even more, with the ability to offer group training online, scaling your business and its client reach is nearly endless. Additionally, if you’re charging competitive rates that display the value of your services and products, your potential income just went through the roof.

 Few of us are disinterested in the idea of making more money. But here’s why maximizing your business’s potential income is really worthwhile. 

It allows you to continue to grow and impact more lives with your passion. By creating a stable and consistent financial foundation in your business, you can explore new opportunities to expand your services further. The more bills you stack, the more you can grow your business. 

You’re Experiencing More Freedom

While one-on-one training has it’s perks, it’s also a time-consuming commitment. It offers a very personalized approach, but comes more responsibility for and engagement with each of your clients individually. 

On the other hand, group training allows you to offer great workouts, resources, and support to all of your clients with ease. Gone are the days of crafting personal content for each client. This approach lets you bulk create content so you’re not stuck doing it all day, every day. 

Group training saves health professionals loads of time because they can train multiple people in the same hour. Stacking clients through group training will blow open your schedule, allowing you to bring big money in and have more free hours in the day.

You’re Impacting People Beyond Your Backyard

In one-on-one health businesses, your growth depends on word of mouth and decent social media to fill the free slots in your schedule. Group training is driven by a tactical social media and digital content schedule that can touch a larger population.

With group training, your clientele is not limited to your circle of personal influence. Rather, your clients can come from around the globe, as far as your digital footprint can reach.

Not only is this good news for your business, but it’s also great for your clients. By building your business through group training, you can offer your clients your knowledge, skillset, and services in addition to the support and camaraderie of the rest of your clients. In other words, group training can turn your clientele into an entire community.

So, what’s next for your business?

Perhaps your main goal when starting out your health and fitness business was to make a living doing what you loved. But your business could be doing more than just surviving, it can be thriving. 

How do you get it there?

You can shortcut the process and sign up for our SPRNG Accelerator class that will help you turn your side hustle into a full-fledged group training business.


You can listen to Amanda Nighbert tell you how she went from making $60k a year to $2 million in just two years. 


You can start by joining a community of coaches and trainers who all want to help you grow your business. 

All of these are great options if you’re ready to unleash your coaching potential and starting helping others achieve their health and wellness goals. 

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