5 Reasons to Refer Your Coaching Friends To SPRNG

Raise your hand if someone has helped your coaching business get to where it’s at today. 

Did someone point you to a resource that cleared up the confusion around marketing? Maybe a friend gave you their favorite book on personal training or a free guest pass to a CrossFit class that ignited your passion for fitness?

Most of us can point to a series of helping hands that have been instrumental in our success today. Now, you can give back and be that person who offers a hand to another coach. Here are five reasons you should share the love and tell your friends about the SPRNG app.

What Comes With The SPRNG App?

If you’re not familiar with SPRNG, here’s a rundown of what it offers to coaches: 

  • A Strategic & Quick Setup: It takes less than 30 days to have your very own custom app in the app store. We make sure that those 30 days are spent creating an app specific to your brand and business to ensure top performance. 
  • Automation: SPRNG can work for you by automating communication and distributing your programs to your clients. 
  • Client Accessibility Anywhere: The SPRNG app can be used by your clients whether they’re on their phone or computer.
  • Referrals: SPRNG’s partner program allows coaches to get more clients and drive growth via referrals.
  • Content Portal: SPRNG’s content portal can keep all your exercise, meal, and other program content organized and available to clients.
  • Multiple Programs: With SPRNG, coaches can run multiple programs and sessions at once.
  • Notifications: Coaches can deliver content to their clients and they get notified right away.
  • Reporting: Coaches can review reports on their programs, sessions, and users.
  • Pricing & Payments: SPRNG is a one-stop-shop. Coaches can control all pricing for their programs and accept payments through the app.

SPRNG is designed for coaches that run group training programs. It’s completely custom to your brand and made for your business. Unlike other training apps (we’re looking at you Truecoach and Trainerize) we don’t present our own brand within the app. Your clients will see your app in the app store, download it, and never know we were involved. 

We’ve worked hard to create the ultimate resources for health and fitness coaches at an affordable price. Just to make sure no coach feels pressured to make a business purchase they’re not sure about, we’ve set up a team who can run coaches through a free demo of the app before making the decision to jump on board.

5 Reasons You Should Tell Your Friends About SPRNG

Our partner program is set up to benefit you and your friends. Here’s why sharing SPRNG is both a generous gesture and a smart business move. 

1. You Get Paid

Giving never felt so good. As a “thank-you” from us, we fork over hefty checks to the people who brag about SPRNG and get their friends to sign up. 

Take a weekend trip, refresh your workout wardrobe, or invest that money back into your coaching business to help it make more in the long run. The cash will be yours to spend as you’d like. 

2. Your Friends Get A Discount

The SPRNG app is already a steal, but with your referral, your friends will get a killer deal on their own coaching app. When they sign up with your referral, we’ll put some cash back into their pockets too. 

3. Your Friends Grow Their Business

As a more seasoned coach, you’re familiar with the struggles, pain points, and successes that come along with starting and running your own health and fitness business. This work is challenging, and support from those in the industry can make all the difference. 

Passing another coach over to the SPRNG app to help guide them through this process will hugely benefit their business and boost it’s chance of success. Help another coach, and who knows, maybe one day that coach will want to return the favor and refer clients to you. 

Initiating mutually beneficial relationships in your circle will create an environment of support instead of competition and help grow your fitness business in the long run

4. You Build Community and Boost the Industry

A strong coaching community comes with many benefits. With SPRNG’s Mastermind Program, you and your friends will be folded into a supportive coaching community complete with great business resources and relationship opportunities with other coaches. 

Here, coaches receive business advice and marketing strategies, as well as monthly calls, exclusive content, and direct access to the SPRNG team of coaches.

Inviting a friend to get the SPRNG app will also increase the number of talented and trained coaches, contributing to the health and fitness industry. As the health and fitness industry continues to boom, more tools and resources are being created to help coaches like you build their own businesses better.

5. You Provide More People with Healthy Resources

There are tons of talented coaches out there, but not all of them know how to expand their work outside of their local gym. Helping other coaches grow their business with the SPRNG app will increase the reach of talented coaches who might not otherwise get their work out into the world. 

If you know someone with coaching talent and experience, their skills are needed by potential clients, so help them grow that reach. Their work will increase the amount of healthy and happy people in the world, and we all can be fans of that! 

Giving Back Never Paid So Well

With a few clicks, you can make a big difference in another coach’s business, and you’ll win a nice stack of cash too. Ask us about our Partner Program where you can get a code to refer other coaches to SPRNG, and start cashing in on all the benefits. 

Still new to SPRNG? Give it a run-through and see how the SPRNG app can boost your own business by scheduling a free demo today. Or if you’re in the market for more juicy = business tips, sign up for the SPRNG newsletter and we’ll deliver them straight to your inbox every week.

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