What It Takes To Craft The Best Online Coaching Program In The World – Part I

Have these words crossed your mind? 

“Maybe my passion for health and fitness isn’t profitable or practical after all…”

Trying to make it as a coach can feel like a losing battle. The long hours and limited income, the routine and rigid schedule, the arduous tasks that come with running your 1-on-1 coaching program. If you’ve hit the glass ceiling with 1-on-1 coaching, your future can look like a long road of hard work, little rest, limited income, and a finite number of clients. 

1-on-1 coaching is that sneaky barrier that is blocking your business from moving forward. If your in-person or online coaching is still running at a 1-on-1 pace, you’ll be chained to the coaching treadmill until you’re too tired to keep going. 

But there’s another option. You can step off the treadmill and create a business that runs faster and stronger.

We’re dropping Part 1 of the SPRNG Methodology on you today. This is the strategy, tactics, and foundation that we give to our coaches when they begin work with SPRNG. 

Time and time again it has proven to be successful for our people and now we want to share it with you. Without further ado, let’s talk about Part 1—The Pillar Program. 

The SPRNG Methodology made simple…

Your Pillar Program will be the biggest and best program you send into the boxing ring. It’s the first program you suggest to clients and the program you tout the most on your website, social media, and in your email marketing efforts. 

Surprisingly, though, your Pillar Program doesn’t have to cover a complicated subject or offer new discoveries that no coach has found before. In fact, the best Pillar Programs are simple, clear, and easy to communicate with your potential clients. All your Pillar Program has to do is teach and train your clients on a subject they’re interested in and you know more about.

The first step in creating a powerful Pillar Program is to identify the topics that fit the skills, knowledge, and experience you currently have as a coach. You’ve already spent the time and effort growing your 1-on-1 business, learning what each client needs, and offering your solutions, use that to your advantage! 

Resist the urge to sign up for another certification class or learn a new fitness philosophy before you create your Pillar Program. Look at what you’re serving up to 1-on-1 clients and use that as the foundation for your Pillar Program.

Address the “big problem” potential clients are facing…

This program needs to be a crowd-pleaser–it has to address that one big problem or series of problems that everyone in your targeting struggles with. 

So, what’s that big elephant in the room for your clients? Maybe your current and potential clients are looking to lose weight? Are they recovering from an injury? Are they training for a competition? Is their main concern about fertility health, aging, physical confidence, or disease? 

Identify the big and weighty problems your people are struggling with, embarrassed to ask, or desperate to overcome. These common questions will help you identify the foundation for your Pillar Program and create a community of people who can support each other through similar struggles. 

Combat that problem with your coaching solution…

Once you’ve identified the biggest problem your people are facing, you can start crafting your clear and simple solution. The best Pillar Programs cover their topic and focus thoroughly without getting lost in the weeds. 

If you focus on an audience of people who have type-2 diabetes, you may offer diet, exercise, and lifestyle tips, not a guide to getting a six-pack for summer. 

Always keep that big problem and your solution front and center as you work through this program. While you do so, brainstorm what supporting topics could help compound your efforts and improve your client’s experience. 

For example, if your audience is really concerned about losing excess weight, thoroughly cover each part of the process, like macro counting, intermittent fasting, dynamic workouts, and whole food nutrition. 

Create a timeline that can work for all your clients…

You know your business and your niche market better than anyone else. Tap into that knowledge and pick a Pillar Program timeline that you think will work best based on your experience and the amount of time it took for your client to see results. 

As a starting point, we recommend working in monthly increments. 4-week, 8-week, or 12-week programs will likely fit easily into your clients’ current schedules. 

Regardless of your Pillar Program’s length, the content and classes you provide need to be spaced out. Instead of dropping your entire program as a package the moment they hit that “sign up” button, divvy up your program and deliver each small section one piece at a time. 

Pillar Programs that deliver small, chewable bites are much easier to digest and will help your clients complete your program, reach their results, and leave you a glowing review. 

Keep your clients on track and accountable… 

The more success your clients have, the more popular your Pillar Program will become. Make sure the people who sign up for your Pillar Program stick with it to the end, so they can see big results and brag about it to others. 

Design a program where your clients can hold themselves accountable and keep themselves motivated. Include sections or features in your program where your clients can take progress pictures, add weekly or monthly updates, and track their journey.

An accountability feature is good for the coach too. Stay up to date on your client’s progress, use live calls, or check in regularly to address any pain points and acknowledge any major successes. 

Note which parts of your program are working best for your clients and which parts need improvement. Then, finetune your Pillar Program until each piece gives your clients that “this really works” feeling. 

Rinse, repeat, and reduce your working hours…

Your Pillar Program will let you step off the hourly treadmill if it can run on its own. Make your program run in a rinse and repeat sequence so that it can handle the bulk of the work. 

Keep the same prompts, the same templates, and the same text so that you can run your program over and over. Spend your time focusing on client successes, improving your program, and extending your reach to more potential clients.

The goal with this program is to craft something sustainable where you can leave it be and only make the small changes necessary to improve what you’re already doing. At the end of the day, you should have time to sit, relax, and relish in the fact that you’re not having to lift the heavy load of 1-on-1 anymore. 

Promote your Pillar Program with these simple strategies…

What do you do once your program is ready for clients? 

Test it, then promote it! 

Before sending it out into the world, consider offering it for free to a select group. Find the successes and failures, make any final adjustments, and then cast off. 

Your beta test can also help you win those first paying clients. Incentivize your beta clients with a discount off your program or some kickback cash if one of their friends or family members signs up for your Pillar Program. Ask them to leave a positive review or testimonial for your site, or feature their progress on your social media accounts. 

Once you’ve run a small group through the gamut of your program, it’s time to start marketing it to the masses. Here are a few things you can do:

Leverage Your Channels

Social media, a blog, a website, and email marketing will become your best friends while promoting your Pillar Program. Use these tools to send potential clients reminders, information, or promotions about your program. A content calendar can keep you organized and keep your content consistent during this time.

Give Before You Get

Giving first is the cornerstone of strong marketing. If you want to become a prominent and even profitable business, help your clients before you ask for something in return. Share valuable and helpful information with your audience. Create strong lead magnets your clients will actually click on. Use the information they offer you (like their email address, phone number, or social handle) to tell them about your top-notch Pillar Program. 

Connect With Your Current Clients

Your current clients are the low-hanging fruit for your business. Most of them will be excited to try something new from you. To boost your numbers, consider giving them a discount to join your new Pillar Program or run a referral program where they can win perks and discounts by suggesting your new program to friends and family. 

Leverage Paid Advertising

Yes—the new iOS update has limited the way you can target potential clients. But running a simple ad on Facebook or Instagram for your Pillar Program can make a massive difference in moving the needle. 

Are you ready to make the jump to group training? 

We don’t have to argue long before coaches realize that group training is much easier and more profitable than 1-on-1 coaching. Your Pillar Program will be the bread and butter of your business, so spend the time needed to get it right and ready for client consumption. Then, watch them start spilling in.

Join our coaches who have experienced huge success firsthand, take the first step by building your Pillar Program, and start running it on your own Apple or Android app

Up next, we’re diving into Part 2 of our SPRNG methodology. We’ll cover how to use 1-on-1 programs as the supportive side-kick to your Pillar Program. Until then, tap into our top marketing tips and coaching advice on our SPRNG Training newsletter today.

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