6 Things Your Services Page Needs

If you’re ready to start snatching up new clients on your services and programs page, you’re in the right place. 

The services and programs page is your online sales pitch—it tells visitors what you offer and (if written well) compels people to click that “buy now” button. 

We’ve already covered how to layout a professional homepage and create a client-focused “about me” page. Today, we’ll tackle the most important section of your website: your services.

Here are six steps you need in order to craft a services and programs page that sells like hell. 

1. Toss Out the Tech-Talk

The first step to creating a compelling services page is to stop calling it a “services page.” Language like this on a website can make you sound like a tech guru that’s hard to relate to. Where possible, eliminate this kind of language from your site.

In its place, use language that makes people remember they’ll be working with a warm-blooded human, not some software. Title your services page with phrases like “work with me” or “let’s work together.”

By making this simple shift to your services page, you can make an online purchase feel like an in-person connection and help you develop that special rapport with potential customers. 

2. Lead with a Strong Image

A strong lead picture of yourself on your services page accomplishes two big goals at once. 

First, it increases a visitor’s positive first impression of you and your trustworthiness. With just an image of someone’s face, we make a stronger emotional connection than we do when scrolling through a webpage with no personal photos.

Second, your strong personal image can offer proof of your services. For example, if you’re program promises sculpted shoulders, don’t show up on your services page wearing long-sleeves. Pick a picture that proves your program works. 

Since images are so compelling, capitalize on your visitor’s piqued interest and include a CTA with your picture. Invite them then and there to schedule a consultation or sign up for your program. Alongside your images, provide plenty of opportunities for your visitors to choose you as their coach. 

Check out how our SPRNG coach Hilary Downey sets her’s up:



3. Include a Compact Tagline

Every coaching business needs a solid one-liner that concisely explains what they do and how it will benefit their clients. Your services page is the perfect place to tout that tagline. 

You can create your business tagline by filling in this simple sentence:

“I help _____ do _____.”

Be specific about what you do, and make sure you express how it will help your potential client. 

This powerful little statement should condense your entire brand and business into one compelling sentence. So take your time crafting the perfect tagline that will remind your people why you’re the best solution to their health and fitness problems. 

4. Select the Programs You Want to Offer

Now’s the time to display the details of what you offer as a coach and the particularities of your programs. Rather than throwing all your services into a cohesive list, crossing your fingers, clicking publish, and hoping that people get it, paint a clear picture of exactly what you do. 

For example, if you run both one-on-one and group training programs, break those services into different sections and give each a page on your site. 

Or, if you exclusively run group training programs and have multiple versions, break those apart and clearly focus on the different versions you offer. 

Make sure you define your programs clearly so that each and every potential client can know exactly what they get when working with you.

Here’s how our founder Amanda Nighbert showcases her programs: 


5. Divide and Conquer Your Supplemental Service Pages

Once your services and programs are appropriately parsed out and have their own pages on your website, it’s time to make each of those programs highly compelling and catch lots of clients. 

Make it your goal to capture the visitor’s attention with a strong hook. Reel them in by proving your knowledge and credibility when it comes to answering their questions. Then complete the catch by offering to help them solve their problems and reach their goals. You can accomplish all this by following this format: 

  • Lead With Results: Start strong by painting the big picture of how your visitor’s life will change by working with you. Rather than digging into details like how many pounds they can expect to lose, express how they’ll feel and how their lives could change. For example, talk about how their days will be filled with energy, they’ll enjoy the benefits of a balanced metabolism, and they’ll gain the knowledge to shop for and prepare healthy food that can heal and benefit their body. 
  • Back Results Up With Strategy: Next, include 2 or 3 sentences or a quick list of the topics and strategies your program focuses on. For example, you could quickly talk about whole-food nutrition, macros, exercises, meal prep, and intermittent fasting. Whatever you focus on as a coach, mention those key strategies quickly here.
  • Drop Some Details: This is where you can include detailed results like average inches and pounds lost amidst your clients or a concise list of some results your potential client should expect. If you can keep the format clean, it can also help to add a testimonial or two. 
  • State Your Price: Make sure to clearly communicate how much it costs to work with you for each of your programs. No one likes to dig through a website for the price tag. Tell them exactly what it will cost them to start on the journey with your program. 

6. Create a Clear Call to Action

A strong services page isn’t complete without a clear call to action. After all the work and thought dedicated to creating a strong services page and keeping your potential clients hooked this far, don’t break the line while you’re reeling them in. 

Finish strong on your services page! Don’t settle for something boring like a “try now” button. Instead, craft a mic-dropping CTA that can conclude your services page powerfully and convert those hooked visitors into paying clients. 

If you’re new to crafting compelling CTA’s, we’ve got you covered with our quick CTA guide. Give it a read, and you’ll be well on your way to creating CTA’s that are too juicy to resist.

Take Crack at it Yourself!

Now that you know how simple it is to craft your own coaching website, it’s time to get typing. Follow our six steps and you’ll be able to create a professional services page that can catch boatloads of new clients. 

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