6 Marketing Time Savers

Between coaching, landing new clients, and running your health and fitness business, it can seem like there isn’t even enough time to make yourself a protein shake in the morning.

Even worse, when things get this busy, it can make us feel frozen and paralyzed. All the moving parts can get overwhelming, and when we hit our limits a lot can fall through the cracks.

But gone are those days. You’re here because you’re looking to save time and we’re going to help you do it.

Here are 6 marketing time-savers that’ll have you checking off your to-do list in no time.

Tip #1: Build Your Content in Bulk

If you’re big into budgeting, you may have heard the advice of buying in bulk to save some extra cash. The same theory applies to your marketing. Rather than tackling one post at a time, create a bulk batch in one sitting.

After you get the hang of it, task batching is going to be your new favorite productivity hack. You’ll find that it takes much less brainpower to complete 10 similar tasks than to switch between 10 unrelated tasks. 

Use an hour to create 10 Instagram posts instead of just one post. By breaking up your to-do list in this way, you can better focus on the task and reduce the time spent switching between ideas.

This step can save so much time, you may find yourself applying this industrial style of work to other areas of your to-do list as well.

Tip #2: Create a Schedule

Failing to follow the right schedule is one of the biggest blunders. You’re already creating content for your audience that’s relevant, intriguing, and solves a problem—don’t let your timing be its downfall.

A realistic and detailed schedule is one of the essential tools in a successful entrepreneur’s belt. But remember, you need to create a schedule that works for you as well as your niche market. This will ensure you can stick to a consistent delivery that fits into your audience’s busy lives.

Make sure that you study up on when your audience is most likely to check their emails, scroll through Instagram, or sign onto Facebook. Be specific and intentional with the days and times your great content is shared so you can reach the most people.

Tip #3: Dedicate Time to Deep Writing

When creating your schedule, make sure to block out a chunk of time for writing. It doesn’t have to be much. In fact, you can create amazing content in under an hour with the right strategies.

As we mentioned before, focusing on one type of task and task batching will save you precious mental real estate. Out of all the tasks on your plate, writing is certainly one that can benefit from some bulk batching.

In his book, Deep Work, Cal Newport explains how he managed to fit an unreasonable amount of writing into a normal and balanced schedule. The biggest adjustment he made was to create a space fully free from any distractions and focus in for a block of time.

So, whether you’re writing articles, captions, recipes, or a workout plan, do your writing in one dedicated chunk of time and dive in deep.

Tip #4: Tap Into a Time-Saving Marketing Tool

We’re health and fitness entrepreneurs—not craftsmen and artisans. There’s no need to do everything by hand. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to add a few social media or email marketing tools to your list.

A few of our top picks include Hootsuite and Mailchimp. These two will pair perfectly with your task batching because they will allow you to schedule content instead of posting it directly.

Hootsuite is a social media management platform that covers a lot of your social media duties. Through this time-saving platform, you’ll be able to create content, schedule posts, manage team members, and measure ROI.

If you’re building an email list, Mailchimp is a must-have. It’s free, it’s easy to set up, and it will save you loads of time. We’ll talk more about what email marketing can do for your business next…

Tip #5: Create a Killer Lead Magnet

A great lead magnet will drive people to your site and land you sales while you sleep. Lead magnets are the bait that hooks new clients. They’re the incentive offered that’ll convince a potential client to give you their email address. Once hooked, their email is all yours for sending sweet stories and fitness tips.

Email marketing is one of the most profitable marketing tools out there today. On average, companies are making about $44 in return for every $1 spend on email marketing. Your lead magnet is that attention-grabbing freebie that’ll get the email conversation rolling and allow you to build a lasting relationship with prospective clients.

New to creating lead magnets? Have you tried them and not had much success? We spell out step-by-step how to craft a lead magnet that’ll make your audience do a double-take.

Tip #6: Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose Old Content

It’s not stealing, it’s just borrowing from yourself. If you’re really short on time, there’s no harm in digging through the old files and pulling up a dusty piece of content. Pick out a few previous pieces you’ve created and add new and relevant information to give it a nice fresh polish.

There are a few tactics you can use when reusing old work. You can either refresh an old piece and repost your updated version, or you can take an old piece that got a lot of attention and try it again from a different angle.

For example, if you work with pregnant women, and wrote a piece a year ago about 10 foods to eat while pregnant for healthy labor, you could either polish it up and repost it with any new information you’ve learned or take a different angle and write three pieces—one for each trimester.

While it’s best to not repost old content all the time, scouring through your old work and using it again is a helpful tactic for the especially hectic weeks.

Take Advice from the Experts and Gain Years of Experience

Rather than trying to learn on your own through trial and error, you can skim years of time off your business’ start-up phase by learning from the people who’ve walked before you.

A lot of big businesses like to hold their cards close to their chest. But we love spilling our secrets to other health and fitness coaches, knowing that we’re helping others dodge big mistakes we made and find their footing faster.

So, stop trying to trailblaze on your own—we’ve already laid a path that’ll lead straight to success. In fact, in our SPRNG Accelerator course, we guide a growing group of health and fitness entrepreneurs from marker to marker on the path. Check it out right here

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