The #1 Hack That Will Make Creating Fitness Content Easy

You didn’t start a coaching business just to spend your time posting on Instagram, writing blogs, and sending out helpful newsletters. 

Even if you enjoy creating fitness content, all that time behind the screen means less time actually coaching your clients, developing your business, or enjoying an occasional day off. 

Which would you prefer…

Work more or less?

Make more or less money?

Have more or less time for the things you actually enjoy?

The answer should be obvious—you should be coaching, not hovering over your keyboard clasping for content ideas constantly.  

That’s why we’re going to give you the ultimate content creation hack that’s yielded us some killer results and new clients. It will transform your content idea repository from a dry well into an ever-flowing fountain, so you don’t waste another minute scraping your brain for new fitness content ideas.

It’s called Repurposed Content and it’s the missing tool in your content creation arsenal.

The time has come to go digitally green—we’re going to teach you how to reuse, recycle, and repurpose the best of your already-created content. 

What is Repurposed Content? 

Before we talk about what repurposed content is, let’s clear up what it is not. Repurposing content is not reposting the same article you shared on Facebook six months ago. And it’s not taking one section from a blog post and pasting it into your Instagram feed when you don’t know what else to post this week. 

The real and most effective repurposed content saves you time because it allows you to reap double the rewards for the same topic or idea. 

Since you’re already sharing information across multiple platforms (blog, email marketing, social media pages, etc.), you can cover your hottest topics multiple times and glean all you can from the subjects your audience responds to the most.

Copy-paste content doesn’t perform well with audiences. It reads lazy and can feel redundant to your followers. Real repurposed content is more than a re-share or re-tweet. It should be re-created with intention and done with a strategy in mind…

The Strategy for Repurposing Content

Some posts are so good, they’ll keep gaining traction and making cash, as long as they don’t get forgotten under a pile of new posts. Repurposing your highest performing posts throughout your blog, social media, and any other channels will keep that great content working hard for you. 

Repurposing that killer content starts by identifying the top 5-7 performing pieces of content you’ve got in your archive. Once you’ve located your top performers (check Instagram insights, Google analytics, even Facebook likes), you can start reshaping them and sharing them across your other channels. 

Borrowing from your bank of content will save you a ton of time and ensure that you’re reaching the entire audience with the best stuff you’re producing. 

Rules for Repurposing Content

If you want to start creating fitness content in a way that draws in your audience instead of boring them, here are a few rules to follow:

1. Always look to translate your highest performing content from one channel to another.
If a while back you created an Instagram post that received a lot of attention from your audience, post on that same topic on your blog, in your email marketing, or on a different social media channel this time.

2. Determine if the topic needs tweaking. 

Before you repurpose, ask yourself, “am I bringing something new to the table?”

If you posted on Instagram about the keto and its benefits three months ago, make sure you’re up to date on the newest research before sharing that content again—nobody wants to read the same thing twice!  

While tweaking your original topic, you may also think of a complementary piece that could accompany the original. Creating a series out of the original topic is a great way to keep your audience on the edge of their seats, anticipating your next post. 

For example, if your audience engaged with a post you did on yoga for weight loss, you could create a three-part Yoga For Weight Loss series when covering the topic again:

  • Part 1: 6 Yoga Poses for 6-Pack Abs
  • Part 2: Morning Yoga to Kickstart Your Metabolism
  • Part 3: Best Yoga Poses to Burn Belly fat

3. Ensure no overlaps. 

Like I said above, nobody wants to read things twice, so double-check your new content for redundancy.  

If your new post is tied to the old one or it’s an updated version, let your audience know. Rather than forcing content at your audience like it’s new, be open and honest with them and let them know you want to bring them the best information on the topics they want to hear about most.

4. Play to your platform strengths.

If making Instagram Reels is easier for you than writing blog posts, let Instagram be the front-line soldier of your marketing army. Make your Reels first, see what topics pique your audience’s interest most, and then spend the time creating blog posts, videos, and email marketing campaigns on those promising topics. 

What Does Repurposed Content Look Like? 

Sometimes it’s hard to apply a marketing strategy without seeing it laid out by another business first.

Here are two strong examples of repurposed content that you can emulate in your own coaching business: 

Since that article was viewed so much, we wrote this article you’re reading right now to attack another angle of fast content creation. Just like our under an hour series, this piece gives you simple ways to create content with speed and low overhead. 

Repurposing your own content is all about keeping an eye out for the content that your audience responds to the most. Figure out what they like, do more of it, and you’ll win over the hearts of people in no time. 

Scaling Your Coaching Business Just Got Easier…

Pumping out content on a regular basis can feel overwhelming. And if you’re honest with yourself, you may realize that you started your coaching business because you loved health, fitness, and helping others—not because you were passionate about updating your social media channels 24/7. 

Repurposing your content allows you to show up for and connect with your people consistently without it taking over your life. Following the tips above will save you loads of time and headache reaching your audience regularly. Give it a try and see how many hours you save this week.

If you’re ready to seriously scale back your hours, stop trading time for money, let’s talk about it. Take six seconds and schedule a free demo for the SPRNG app, and to see how easily your coaching business can rise to the next level.

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