3 Reasons Your Online Training Program Hasn’t Taken Off Yet

Tired of seeing other coaches on Instagram talk about how much their online training programs have exploded? 

Wondering why your training program is struggling to get one client while that “influencer” seems to stack them like Jenga?

The online training space exploded in 2021. Now you can’t scroll through a social feed without seeing someone who watched a few fitness videos, took a one-weekend certification course, and now thinks they are a legit fitness coach. 

You’ve been in the game awhile. You’re passionate, personal, and care more about the results than the follower count. So what’s holding you back? 

Like any other hustle, a thriving coaching business will flop if it’s running on passion alone. You may have built an incredible program, but marketing it and getting the clients is another battle. 

A battle we’re going to help you win today…

We’ve worked with a lot of coaches over the last few years and have seen the wins and losses that build great programs. In that time, we’ve identified 3 trivial things that can make or break growth in a coaching business and we’re going to help you avoid them. 

Let’s get right into it…

3 Roadblocks That Are Backing Up Your Business

If your business is struggling to bring in clients each month, you’ve probably hit one of these roadblocks:

1. The Message is Missing

When it comes to marketing your program, clarity is critical, but many coaches don’t have a clear message or brand that they’re promoting to their clients and audience.

When customers come to your site or ask you about what you do, they shouldn’t walk away with a cloudy understanding of what they’d get from working with you, they should know exactly what you deliver.

Establishing a clear brand script and telling people what results they can expect are both parts of creating a clear message. Don’t worry, we’ll explain how to craft one of these a little further down.

2. You Lack in the Generosity Department

Now we’re not saying that you’re being rude, but you might be a little selfish. When we say selfish we mean with your knowledge. You may not even realize it, but you might be holding back all of your coaching capabilities for those who are willing to pay. 

Being generous with your knowledge and resources is mutually beneficial for your audience and your business. The level of your generosity makes your motivations clear to your audience. If everything you give them comes with a price tag, they’ll feel like you’re constantly trying to skim a dollar off them. 

On the other hand, when you give to your audience with no demands in return, they will notice. They’ll recognize how valuable the information is that you’re giving away for free and know that what you’re selling must be really valuable too.

3. Your Marketing Funnel is Leaking

Turning your coaching hustle into a full-fledged, big-bucks business all starts with your marketing funnel. If your marketing funnel is leaky, you’ll be losing clients regardless of how good your program is. 

To keep clients flowing through your program, you need an organized route that potential clients can go through to arrive at your program. Strong content creation and marketing form the sturdy walls of your marketing funnel.

Now that you know the 3 roadblocks, let’s talk about how to bust them down…

3 Solutions to Give Your Online Training Program a Boost

1. Crystal Clarify Your Message

A pivotal element to have on your website, social, and ingrained into your brain is a crystal clear brand one-liner. Your website should be plastered with it and you should be able to whip it out anytime someone asks you what you do. 

This powerful piece of information distills your full brand and business into one sentence that will draw in potential customers. It should be a punchy one-liner and should clearly explain what you do and how it will benefit your audience. Your one-liner will quickly introduce you and your company and explain why your visitor should hire you. 

Try out this simple format:

“I help _____ do _____.”

For example, if you’re a yoga instructor who works with older adults to help them build balance and avoid injury, your brand one-liner could sound something like this:

“I help adults over 50 regain the core strength and build a foundation that prevents injury through yoga and stretching practices.”

If you want help walking through the brand one-liner building process to make sure it’s on-point, we talk more about crafting one here.

2. Load Your Audience Up With Information

When you build your business around what you can give and how you can benefit your client your business will start to rapidly grow. But how can you be generous in your business and not bleed it dry? 

The key to giving freely and keeping your business flourishing is to build a community within your audience. 

Give away great information that you know your potential clients are craving on your blog, social media, and emails. Encourage your audience to join your digital community, and follow along to have all of their pain points and questions addressed by you. 

Start by creating a lead magnet and inviting your audience to join your email list. This invitation isn’t a sleazy salesman move. You’re offering your audience some of your best information for free. By inviting them to join a community and sign up for your email list, you’re asking them to take a step forward in a relationship. 

Once your audience takes a step themselves, you’ll have weeded out the readers who aren’t interested in knowing more. From there, you can continue pouring generously into both your public outreach (through blogging and social media) and into your smaller community (through your email list). 

If you’re a little unsure about how to capture the attention of those more serious potential clients, we’ve got you covered. Here are the simple steps to creating top-notch lead magnets (plus 50 lead magnet ideas) that’ll capture the attention of your clients.

3. Create An Intentional Marketing Funnel

A market funnel is a chronological list of all the steps someone would take to go from stranger to client. The first step to building a strong marketing funnel is to think through all those steps and organize its flow. Ask yourself, “How do potential customers first come into touch with me?” “What are all the steps they go through before they click that “buy now” button?”

The steps within a marketing funnel could look something like this: 

  1. A stranger stumbles upon an article you posted on Facebook about nutrition.
  2. The article was so good, they click a link you included in your post and go to your blog to read another related article.
  3. That blog includes a lead magnet at the end, and the stranger gets on your email list so they can receive the lead magnet and keep learning more from you. 
  4. Each week, they receive your emails and can see how helpful they are.
  5. The program you offer and promote in your emails sounds like something that could really help solve their health struggles, so they sign up. 

Once you clearly lay the path for how strangers become your clients, you can start being intentional about each step. 

Notice if there’s a step in the process where you keep losing potential clients.

Maybe you’re not getting many email list sign-ups. If that’s the case, you could strengthen your lead-magnet game. Or maybe what you’re sharing on social media isn’t moving people toward your blog. If so, you should probably bolster your content and make it more applicable and helpful in addressing your audience’s problems they’re facing. 

A strong marketing funnel can also help you distinguish between the clients you want to work with and those who wouldn’t be a good fit. Remember, a business transaction is a two-way street. Don’t hesitate to draw a line in the sand of who you want to work with. 

A strong marketing funnel can help you pull out clients that aren’t the right fit and find the ones that would be a great match.

Get To Capturing Those Clients! 

Clarity, generosity, and intentionality in your marketing funnel are three pivotal elements of your coaching business and its success. With these three tweaks to your business, you’ll see your client list grow rapidly. If you want to own a successful online coaching business, join our SPRNG Accelerator and build out a highly scalable program in less than 30 days. 

If you’re really serious about taking your coaching business to the next level, take six seconds and schedule a free demo of our SPRNG app—today’s top tool for creating your own personalized coaching app and selling your program while you sleep.

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