Online Coaching Is Here To Stay, Here’s What You Need To Do.

COVID or no COVID, online coaching is here to stay. 

2019 forever changed the health, fitness, and coaching industry, and there’s no turning back. 

Virtual classes and alternative health options were supercharged by the pandemic. Instagram fitness challenges, YouTube home workouts, and online personal training classes continue to pile onto the plethora of new online fitness content.

Just to give you an idea of the impact the last year has had here are a few stats…

  • In 2020, more than fifty-three million adults in the U.S. alone were using online exercise videos due to social distance and self-quarantining.
  • 72% of fitness club-owners offer on-demand and livestream group workouts. 
  • Online on-demand programs and workouts have increased by over 25% since 2019. 

Gyms are slowly and cautiously reopening, and in-person coaching will resume this summer, but now that the world has gotten used to having their coach and classes available to them from their living room, there’s no going back. 

…and that’s great news for your business. Here’s why:

A Hungry Online Audience

The best coaches are those who know what clients want right now and can provide it. Don’t leave your people hanging. A growing group of potential clients is waiting online.

You’ve Never Been Able to Reach This Far

In-person training may have a place in your business, but it also has its limits. Your pool of potential clients you can meet in person is locked into a small radius around where you live and how far you’re willing to drive to meet them. Online training extends your potential client reach to anyone in the world who can access the internet. 

Your Health Programs Can Run While You Sleep

Record, post, and sell your programs online so that your clients can have access to your best training while you’re napping, snacking, or sunbathing on vacation. 

In the past few years, we’ve seen the splitting of two different paths in the health and fitness industry between those who run an online business and those who don’t. While it’s still possible and even potentially beneficial to do both online and in-person work with your clients, your energy and effort in the online space can give your business a turbo boost. 

For the coach who’s already online…

As a coach and trainer, if you’ve made this change, it’s important to look forward and see what the future holds for your brand. To continue growing, ask yourself: 

  • Where do I want my business and online growth to be in 2 years?
  • How am I going to get there?
  • What are my biggest business roadblocks keeping me from growing?
  • What new programs can I launch?
  • What other efforts outside of my services am I making?
  • How can I improve upon my current online services and products?

Taking the time to plan is essential to achieving the success you want. Gather a clear picture of where your business can grow online, double down on what is working, and cut the stuff that’s getting in the way. 

For the coach who is not online yet…

Offering your services online will unlock your earning potential in your coaching business. If you haven’t made the switch because you feel stuck, we’ll give you a hand and help you get moving forward. 

Not sure if your business strategies are effective enough to beat the competition right now? Here are three ways you can improve your coaching overnight

Are you not feeling super confident about showing up online? Here’s how you can put yourself out there, and why it might be the best decision you’ve ever made for your business. 

Unsure about the practical steps of building a website, using social media, or setting up email marketing? We’ve got you covered right here.

For those looking for some quick and dirty tips on boosting your business, take these 5 steps into consideration:

5 Steps That Will Boost Your Online Coaching Business

1. Pick and Serve Your People Perfectly

The first step to getting paying clients is to identify the group of people you want to reach. These could be aspiring athletes, yoga newbies, new moms, retirees, etc. Once you’ve identified your people, figure out what problems they’re facing everyday. Then, focus all your programs, services, and content on solving those problems for them. 

2. Make a Big and Clear Promise

Don’t make your people guess. Your marketing and content shouldn’t leave your clients scratching their heads. Instead, make sure that you clearly explain to them how you can help them with a powerful brand one-liner. Then, follow through on your promise.

3. Share your Knowledge…For Free

Generosity is key to building trust with your potential clients. They need to know that you’re not just in it to get money from them. If you’re willing to share your knowledge with engaging lead magnets, in your Instagram posts, and through email marketing, they’ll know that you’re also motivated by seeing them reach their goals. 

4. Show Off Your Social Proof

Testimonials today are what word-of-mouth was 30 years ago. Your clients will be much more likely to hire you as their coach if someone who’s worked with you has a lot of great things to say about their experience and results. So put your positive testimonials front and center. Give your potential clients the confidence to hit that “sign up” button by letting others speak for you. 

5. Show Up Consistently

People like to know that you follow through. They want to hire a coach who does what they promise, is dependable, and doesn’t stop until the job is finished. Give your potential clients the right first impression of you by showing up consistently with your content. 

Gather these 5 items together and start organizing your efforts so you can make the big switch to online coaching. 

Look At The Big Business Picture

Online coaching is only going to keep growing over the next decade and getting on board now can pay massive dividends down the road. Look at your business’ big picture, hone in on your people, and start dominating your online space. 

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