What It Takes To Craft The Best Online Coaching Program In The World – Part III

You might know Isaac Newton as a mathematician, but did you know he was also a kick-ass entrepreneur? 

His 1st Law of Motion stated that an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion will stay in motion. By Mr. Newton’s logic, if your business is continuing to move and grow, it can’t help but continue to move and grow over time! 

In your coaching business, it takes more force and effort to start from scratch with new clients than to keep the ball rolling with your current ones. That’s why it’s important to have a plan when a client finishes their group training program or 1-on-1 coaching. 

We’ve already covered these first two methods—your Pillar Group Training Program & 1-on-1 Program—in parts I and II of our SPRNG methodology. The Pillar is the critical foundation of your coaching business, while your 1-on-1 Program is that high-ticket item you offer clients who’ve gone through your group program and want your undivided attention. 

Now it’s time to talk Part III of our SPRNG Methodology—your Monthly Program. This simple, yet effective program is the final key to keeping that recurring revenue coming in and your coaching business growing.

With these three programs all operating in your business, you’ll be raking in more paying clients than you’ve ever seen before.

Here’s how to create a monthly program for your coaching business…

When you build a house, don’t start with the roof…

A successful coaching business lays the foundation with a strong group pillar program, builds upon that with a high-ticket 1-on-1 program, and tops it off with a monthly recurring program. 

Before we dive into the steps of building your monthly money maker, make sure your first two are set up. (You can find parts I and II right here and here.)

Once you’ve set up those first two programs, you’re ready to build a monthly program. This final program will generate tons of money and build a community under your brand without requiring loads of effort.

Who your monthly program is for…

It’s simple—start with your people!

Those clients who are finishing up your group program or 1-on-1 are the first people you should try to reach because, like Newton discovered, it takes a lot less effort to keep things moving with your current clients than to start the ball rolling with a new one. 

Your current clients are already familiar and on board with your health and fitness strategies and coaching style. After working through your other programs, they know how you work and that your programs work.

If your current clients have made improvements, are comfortable with your coaching style, and enjoy working with you, they’ll be looking for a way to keep the relationship and their results going. 

Position your monthly program as the final step once a client finishes 1-on-1 or group training, so they can continue to stay connected to you and your coaching community. 

What your monthly program should teach clients…

What you do to reach your goals is what you do to maintain them! 

Your group pillar program and 1-on-1 are the heavy-lifters. They lay the foundation, teach new clients your health practices, and train them until they reach their goals. Your monthly program is a long-term light-lifter. It moves at a slower pace and is built to keep your clients from backsliding into old habits and health hiccups. 

In your monthly, don’t spring new health theories and practices on your clients. Instead, elaborate on the strategies and topics you laid in your pillar and 1-on-1 programs. Build on the essential elements you use in those services and add new info along the way.

What to charge for your monthly program…

This program is built to bear the least burden on your clients and you. On your end, the hours are considerably less, on their end, it’s a lot lighter on their wallets. 

Since the monthly program is set up to help your clients maintain their goals for the long-term, it has to be something they can fold into their regular monthly budget. We suggest pricing it at roughly half the cost of your group pillar program. 

When it comes to the cadence of your monthly program, pace it like a long-distance run. Rather than cramming a variety of topics into one month, cover one topic per month.  

If your pillar program covers intermittent fasting, macro management, and meditation practices, break those big topics down into sub-topics and cover one each month. 

For example, macro-management is a big topic in the industry today, so you could cover one macro at a time, focusing each week on a different macro and its role in the health journey. By the end of your month, a client will know all the essentials to managing their macros. 

What clients will get from your monthly program…

Again, it’s simple—accountability, affirmation, and additional resources. 

These three pieces of your program will help your happy clients maintain the successes they achieved in your first two programs and continue to build upon them in the future. 

Provide them with regular accountability by establishing a time once or twice a month to hop on a live call with a small group of these clients. Answer questions, offer support, and check in on their health journey. 

This is where your business can really flourish if you stay committed. Foster affirmation within each group of clients and create a community for your people. Give them space to chat and discuss successes and struggles with each other. Encourage them to meet together more frequently, answer each other’s questions, and collaborate in their own group. This is going to be the hub where your community grows!

Consider the additional resources you can bring to the table for these faithful followers. Give them access to exclusive content like workouts, recipes, and guides that elaborate on your primary topics. Hell, connect them with other coaching friends who have more resources at their disposal.

The more you invest in your people at this stage, the longer they will stay around paying you to coach them. 

How to market this new monthly program…

Make sure every current and potential client knows about this great monthly program by highlighting it everywhere you talk to clients. Share it with your email list and tell your people about how other monthly clients are maintaining their goals and continuing to crush it.

Post about it on social media—highlight the awesome bonus content that you get when you come onboard.

Talk about it during meetings with current clients—drop hints at their chance to continue working with you at a discount.  

Plaster it across your website. Go in depth and explain what your program is, what clients will get, how they can sign up, and how much it will cost. Make it clear that this course is for those who’ve finished your group pillar program or 1-on-1. 

The time to build your business is now…

Newton’s theory—when applied to business—helps to see how we can use less force to keep the ball rolling with current clients. But who says that there’s anything wrong with getting things moving faster with a powerful engine?  

SPRNG is that engine and will put pedal to the metal for your coaching business. With SPRNG, you can manage and run your foundational Pillar Program, your high-ticket 1-on-1 Program, and your Monthly Recurring Program from your own app.  

Have more programs than these three? No problem. The SPRNG app lets you run an endless number of programs, target specific audiences, and show off your own brand. If you’re ready to turbo-boost your coaching business, having your own SPRNG app will impress your clients and do the heavy lifting for you. 

Schedule a demo with our team today so you can see how good your business looks with its own app. Stop waiting, it’s time to grow!

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