5 Instagram Post Ideas You Can Use Today

Do you feel like you’ve hit a wall and can’t think of anything new to share on Instagram?

When you’re creating posts, stories, IGTV, and reels multiple times a day, eventually you’re going to feel like you’ve said everything you can possibly say.

Constantly cranking out content can start to make you feel like a broken record, repeating the same things over and over. The good news is that repetition can actually strengthen your Instagram game. In fact, posts that follow a consistent (even repetitive) structure and schedule can increase your traffic, engagement, and followers.

The key, though, is to make sure that the content you’re sharing, whether it’s repeated content or a brand new idea, snags your audience’s attention and stops them mid-scroll. To get your brainstorming going, we’ve gathered 5 new Instagram  content ideas that’ll make your followers double-take and double-tap.

Let’s talk about them…


1. The Workout Carousel




Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and seen those carousels of fitness videos you can swipe through? Workout carousels are highly engaging and a lot easier to create than you might think!

Make sure to plan ahead and pick a theme that you know your audience will love. For example, you could plan to share 4 of the best stretches that are helpful after long hours of sitting.

You can easily create video clips by cutting up a workout video you’ve taken on your iPhone and then uploading them into one carousel post on Instagram. Be sure to lead with a strong image and then include 3-6 short video clips that run through the exercises you want to share.

Check out this post from our founder Amanda Nighbert that crushes this idea.


2. Shopping Hauls 




The haul trend isn’t going anywhere. That’s because this type of content is both attention-grabbing and practically beneficial for your followers. If you’re coaching your clients on getting healthier, showing them a spread of healthy food options will help guide them toward their goals.

Shopping hauls also give your followers a peek behind the scenes into your life. Displaying honest and authentic depictions of yourself and what you eat in the week will help your followers develop genuine relationships with you, which will build their trust.

Here’s how our SPRNG coach Emma Montgomery does it on her IG.


3. New Morning Routine




Morning routines are all over social media right now. People are starting to pick up on the fact that they feel better, meet their goals, and are more productive if they start their mornings off right. As an expert in health or fitness, your followers will want to know how you personally start your mornings.

So share whatever gets you going in the morning. Pick the three or four things you use to kick off your day and inspire your followers to find their own perfect morning routine.

Peep how Sadia Badiei does it on her Instagram.


4. Exclusive Deals and Discounts



Another way to spice up your Instagram stories is by sharing a special deal that is only available to your followers. Since Instagram stories are only up for 24 hours, including discounts here adds an extra sense of urgency, requiring followers to act immediately.

For example, you could provide access to a group training package, offer discounted training services, or give out half-priced fitness or nutrition plans. You can either ask followers to get the discount link in your bio or you can include a direct link in your story where they can redeem the offer.

Here’s how Erin Kelly does it on her Instagram page.


5. Before and After Transformations



Before and after pictures are powerful ways of showing tangible proof that your program and methods work. Tristan Winters is the king of this content, flexing to his followers every week that his clients see results.

Inspirational stories like these help to motivate your followers and encourage your current clients. Incorporate them into your Instagram strategy, add them to your stories, and give your audience what they’re looking for.

Remember, always tag the person in the transformation photos and congratulate them on their progress.


Time to Post!

Consistent social media content is one of the tactics of a successful social media strategy. Give these five new Instagram content ideas a try this week and see which ones work best for your people. Then rotate that type of content into your regular schedule.

If you’re looking for more topics to execute these ideas, here’s 50 of them on us. 

For more health and fitness business tips, join our insider crew at SPRNG Training or sign up for our Monthly SPRNG Accelerator where we divulge even more coveted coaching information. 

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