How To Start, Run, and Grow a Profitable Health and Fitness Business – Part III

We’re back with Part III of our series on starting, running, and growing your health and fitness brand. Just in case you forgot, we’ve helped you identify your niche and create a content plan that will build the foundation for your brand’s growth.


Today, we’re giving you the last and final piece to grow your one-on-one hustle into a full-fledged group training program. This conversation might feel more flashy and exciting as we’ll be talking about how to create and launch an online course, maximize your impact and sales, and seal the deal on your dream health and fitness business. Oh and of course, start stacking that green while you do it. 


If that gets you more excited than beating your personal mile time, keep reading, you’re not going to want to miss any of this.


Let’s talk group training.

To scale your business to a level where you can impact more people and make a significant amount of profit, you’ll need to establish a system that can run even when you’re sleeping.


Like we’ve said before, you might have done it alone up to this point, but now you need some backup. We all know you can’t coach 12 hours straight everyday.


In our experience—which is quite extensive—creating an online course is the best way to scale your health and fitness business. Virtual practices and courses will allow you to impact more people, maximize your profits, and hop off the hamster wheel of an hourly pay. Sound like something you’ve been daydreaming about in all your meetings? 


How do you create an online course that sells? 

Those who’ve read Parts I and II know we make a big deal about focusing on your niche. (P.S. If you haven’t you can find them right here.)


This niche is your North Star, the compass to growing your brand. Knowledge of this niche market is the hot air to your business balloon, keeping you afloat, and raising you higher. But, if you redirect that hot air in a different direction, your business will start to sag and sink. Thus, we want to keep our focus on meeting the needs of this constantly-growing audience.


Stop competing and start creating.

The first and most important step for building this course is identifying the problem your niche needs solved—this is your topic.


(If you find yourself short on topics or ideas, you should snag our 50 Content Ideas Guide).


A compelling topic is more about solving a real problem for real people and less about comparing it to other courses out there. Don’t get me wrong, knowing your competition is pivotal to growing a strong brand, but never let your competition be your standard.


Don’t worry about how many likes Sandy gets on her vegan breakfast Instagram posts. If your audience is a group of carnivores, Sandy’s content is about as useful as a grass flavored popsicle. Your people need you. Serve your audience and let someone else handle the rest of the masses.


Once you’ve established your problem/topic and identified a solution that meets your audience’s needs, use your specialized knowledge to outline a course that you can start to build.


This could be a set of workouts specifically geared toward people with arthritis. Maybe it’s a month-long meal plan and virtual cooking class for people who want to try a keto diet. If you’re a chiropractor, perhaps you’d create a course that teaches people about the nervous system and identifies troubled areas like sleeping positions, working posture, and workout form.


What’s important is that you stay laser-focused on this one solution and bring the most value that you can to those paying customers. 


Give it a fitting name.

Many brands overlook the importance of this step. You’ve spent time curating information and creating a comprehensive course, give that same attention to the name. Think about the results that your clients experience from taking the course. What will they be getting out of it when it’s over?


We like to keep our focus on empowering people through the name. The name SPRNG does just that—we want to help push your brand to the next level and our name tells you that.


Remember to keep it simple—this will make it much easier for your audience to quickly understand what the course is and how it will help them.  


Commit your time. 

Once the foundation for this course is laid, start creating. Commit time, energy, and hours to developing this course so that when those first few customers start their journey, everything is ready for them. 


Since you’ve already been slinging emails and sharing on social, use your established audience to push this new course. Drop hints every week in your social about the opportunity. Link to the course in your blog posts. Add a section to your weekly email highlighting it. Today, email lists beat out Facebook, Instagram, and other social media marketing when it comes to making sales—with companies seeing up to a $40 return for every $1 spent on email. So if you’re not putting it in your email, you’re missing out. 


In addition to your email and social, you can offer irresistible lead magnets. Never heard of a lead magnet? Think of it like an exclusive sneak peak to a movie—it intrigues and informs your audience without forcing them to fork over any money. Lead magnets can come in all kinds of forms, like printable .pdfs, private videos, even exclusive book chapters. The goal is to capture your audience with that preview and encourage them to take a step forward by registering for your full course.


Here’s a couple practical examples: 

  • If you’re a nutritionist or diet coach, you could offer a few recipes only found in your unreleased cookbook
  • If you’re a personal trainer, you can release an extra video workout that can only be viewed after signing up. 
  • If you’re a yoga instructor, you can create a checklist of balance poses that can improve your yoga game. 

Whatever it is, make sure to be intentional when creating your lead magnets. They’re like the handshake at the beginning of an interview. They’re your first impression and will have an effect on whether others will see you as trustworthy, knowledgeable, and ultimately, worth their time and money. Show your audience that you’re serious about helping them reach their goals. 


Prove it, don’t push it. 

The health and fitness industry struggles with this concept sometimes. In this game, cutting corners is easy, especially when there are thousands of influencers and publications claiming they have the course/plan that is the silver bullet to finding success in health—this is simply not true.


Rather than operate like everyone else, bring integrity and honesty to your course and brand. When you work with integrity and offer a service that truly brings value to the lives of your audience, an amazing thing happens: marketing just comes naturally. 


A practical application is leveraging social proof. Social proof can come in the form of testimonials, before and afters, or reviews that you can showcase to your audience. This social proof can often be the tipping point that captures audience members and converts them into customers.


Why? It’s easy for you to say that your course is great, but it’s another thing to hear it from someone who’s participated in it. Your people are your most powerful marketing tool, use them to your advantage. 


This is just the beginning…

First off, congratulations. We are excited that you’re ready to start scaling your health and fitness business into full time hustle.


If you’re set and ready to launch, we at SPRNG want to help. We like to keep these conversations going in our SPRNG Accelerator—our business training course that empowers you to grow your health and fitness empire. In that Accelerator, we’ll train you on how to stop trading time for money and give you practical tactics each week that will launch your business forward.


If you believe that what you have to offer the world is valuable and simply need a helping hand to turn your ideas into action, you’re in the right place, you’re with the right people, and you’re ahead of the game. Join us there and watch your business grow.

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