Are You Ready For Your Own Fitness App?

Amanda Nighbert didn’t build her coaching business overnight.

She didn’t gamble, play the stock market, or win the lottery. She didn’t find a distantly related rich aunt or pull from a secret piggy-bank stash. 

She did it by transitioning her coaching business to her fitness app at just the right time.

Knowing when it’s time to get your own app is challenging. Between costs and functionality, most coaches crave their own app, but don’t know how to get it—it’s the classic case of wants vs needs. 

Luckily for you, we’ve been in the coaching app industry for a while and we know when people are ready to make the switch. During that time we’ve crafted up 4 questions that will help coaches, trainers, instructors, and anyone else in the fitness game decide if they need to switch to their own app. 

How to know if you are ready for your own coaching app…

1. Are you cobbling together your business on different platforms? 

When you first got your coaching business up and running, you may have leaned heavily on outreach tools across several platforms like private Facebook groups and chat forums. What was moving your business forward at first can quickly become your business’s crutch. The platform patchwork approach is great to get up and running, but those tools will only take you so far.

If you’re still living off of platforms you’ve patched together, it’s time to consolidate your efforts by moving onto your own app. Keeping all of your outreach consolidated in one platform will allow you to focus on the task at hand and the clients you’re serving rather than managing all the tools. 

2. Are you social media-dependent?

While you need to kick the patchwork of platforms, having a more stable footing in your business certainly does not mean depending on one single platform either. If your business runs on Facebook, for example, you’re susceptible to the whims and changes Facebook decides to make. Your business could be gone in a blink if the social media platform you’re founded on crumbles. 

You’ve probably already felt the pain of social media platforms suddenly changing their rules—thanks, Instagram algorithm.

Even the social media platforms that are successful make you work hard for your audience’s attention. On these platforms, your audience is constantly bombarded by distractions, fitness influencers, and other coaches.

Cut out your codependency on one social media platform, and set your feet on solid ground. It’s time for you to switch to your own marketing channels where you’re in control of what changes and what stays stable. Create your own website, build an email marketing campaign, promote your business with a blog, and of course, run your programs through your own fitness app. 

If you’re feeling foggy on these basic principles, we’ve got you covered with our series on how to start, run, and grow a successful coaching business

3. Have you maxed out your client availability?

If you’re still doing 1-on-1 coaching, then you’ve set a low financial ceiling for your business. 

1-on-1 coaching limits your earning potential to the amount of coaching session slots you can fit into a day. Sure, you can charge more per hour, but eventually, you’ll reach the limit of how much you can reasonably charge for your services. No coach wants to call up all their clients and tell them the price is up. 

1-on-1 coaching only gets your business so far. If this is your business’s current status and if you’ve maxed out your client slots, it’s time to blast that low ceiling off and switch to group training in your own app. 

Group training is the no-brainer business move for coaches looking to double, triple, or quadruple their earnings fast. It allows you to work with multiple clients at the same time, with the same effort as you would spend in each 1-on-1 session. 

We’ve laid out how you can easily switch to group training via your own fitness app here

4. Are you using a fitness app that has someone else’s logo or branding?

Have you ever asked someone where they bought their necklace to have them answer, “I found this on Etsy.”

Maybe you’ve talked to someone about a great workout routine they “found on Youtube.” 

Instead of mentioning the specific jewelry business name, we’re far more likely to say we “bought it on Etsy.” Rather than remembering that hard-working entrepreneur’s youtube channel, we often generalize by saying we “watched it on YouTube.” 

Many platforms fitness entrepreneurs choose do the exact same thing. 

This brand overshadowing can seriously stifle your business’s growth. And most of the fitness apps that offer the top features for coaches available today are those self-promoting platforms—that is, except for SPRNG.

Go look at some of your favorite fitness coaches on Instagram, you’ll be surprised at how many have “their own app” that has someone else’s branding on it. 

SPRNG puts you center stage. When clients download your fitness app and start signing up for your programs, they won’t even know that SPRNG exists. 

None of that “I found this great program on the SPRNG app.” When people tell others about the great program you offer through the SPRNG app, they’ll be promoting your name, your business, and your brand. 

One Simple Step for Huge Success

Now that you know the power of having your own fitness app that your clients can use, it’s time to step forward. 

Don’t patch platforms together or depend on just one. Hop off the financial hamster wheel of 1-on-1 coaching. Walk away from the restricting rules, regulations, and limitations of self-promoting app companies or social media platforms. It’s time for your clients to see your business in the spotlight. 

If you’re ready to take the step forward and unlock your fitness business’s financial potential, take six seconds and schedule a free demo of the SPRNG app. We know it’s going to change your business for the better. 

Feel like your business is in need of more helpful knowledge? You can benefit from all the free and frequent business tips we share with coaches in our newsletter—SPRNG Training. Sign up for the accelerator and see how fast and far your business can grow.

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