4 Reasons To Switch To Group Training

Being a coach is awesome—it’s just a fact. 

Tell me it’s not the best to get up, rock your favorite athleisure, and talk to people about the thing you care most about—health and wellness. We’re a lucky group of people, us fitness folk, but just because we teach people how to reach their goals, doesn’t mean we always have time to get to our own. 

As coaches (and everyday people) want more out of life than just work. We want a work-life balance, an income that allows us to relax, enjoy our family and friends, and get away from the 9-5. We want to be able to take time off and be present instead of allowing it to fly by like an Olympic track race. 

The reality of our day to day lives, though, looks a lot more like that type of race, especially when starting out. Running your own business can feel like you’re handing the baton to yourself  over and over. 

But it doesn’t have to—matter of fact, we got out of that race a long time ago and you can too. 

How did we scale down our hours and ramp up our income?

Everything started to shift when we switched to group training and here are 4 reasons why you should do consider it as your next move: 

Save Time

You’re a great worker and have great ideas. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could just hire yourself to be your business partner? 

Do it. Be your own partner that can work around the clock with virtual group training. 

Today, at-home, virtual workout sessions are a new mainstay in personal fitness. According to a recent survey, the majority of Americans believe that gyms will become a thing of the past, and actually prefer pursuing their health and fitness from home.

With group training, you can step away knowing that the recorded-you is there for your clients, even while you sleep. Meanwhile, you can focus on expanding your business, becoming a better and more effective coach, or taking off at two o’clock for that much needed personal workout. 

Boost Business

Back in 1991, the World Wide Web went live. A few years later, the Dell Computer Corp. of Austin, Texas reported that, “fear of technology may well be the phobia of the ‘90s.” More than half of all Americans were what they called “technophobic.” 

Today, your business can spread its wings and soar because of this same technology. Group training will grow your business beyond your local area. Your client base can expand from your neighbors to anyone across the globe who needs your help and has an internet connection.

The best part—those clients who have great experiences in your group training are bound to tell their friends about how easy it was to join, giving you more potential clients without having to do the legwork. 

Build Community

Laurie Santos, a professor of Yale University’s Science of Well-Being course thinks we get self-care wrong. She says, “We think it’s only about a nice bubble bath or a glass of wine alone, but the research shows that effective self-care often looks a lot more like community care.” 

Community care—connecting with people who are interested in helping each other—is at the heart of effective self-care. And your business can be the new community venue.

Virtual group training is going to boom in 2021. And like we said above, your business reach can stretch around the world if you want it to. 

But far-reaching group training doesn’t have to compromise the community. In fact, having a place where your clients can interact (like the gyms we used to go to in 2019) can be a massive benefit for your clients and your business.

Virtual communities for wellness won’t and can’t completely replace real-life ones, but they will remain a permanent tool for connective self-care and community in 2021.

Stack Bills

When you only work with clients one at a time, you’re limited to your time-slot capacity. Yes, you can make more by charging each client more, but soon you’ll hit the glass ceiling. 

Group training allows you to work with 5 or 5,000 people—the number is entirely up to you. 

Your business’ success will snowball here. The more you grow your online course, the more lives you’ll change for the better. The more lives you change, the more referrals you’ll get. The more badass referrals you get, the more other people will pay to join in. 

Before you know it, what started as a 1 session a month business is now a multi-tiered training program churning out thousands of clients on a regular basis. And you know what that means—your wallet just got a little thicker. 

Get Away From That Hamster Wheel!

Last time we checked, you’re a coach, not a rodent. So get off the hamster wheel of one-on-one coaching. One-on-one client relationships will keep your life hectic, your income small, and your impact at a minimum. By switching to group training this year, you’ll save time, boost your business, build the community, and make more money. 

At least that’s how it went for us and our community of coaches. Take Amanda Nighbert, for example. She switched over to group training with her own app and watched her income skyrocket every single month

If you’re ready to see your business grow with group training like Amanda’s, here’s where you can get a free demo of our group training platform. Don’t worry—this is not another sleazy sales pitch from someone behind a corded phone. The decision of where to take your coaching business is yours and yours alone.

We know from experience that group training is the shift that will take your coaching business to the next level. If you’re ready to make that switch, let’s talk about your goals and how group training and your own coaching app can grow your business. 

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