SPRNG Coach Spotlight: Deanna Pizitz

Deanna Pizitz has spent a lot of time around males. From her dad and step-dad to her three sons, she’s paid her dues when it comes to tolerating testosterone. When she found herself ready to take on a new job back in 2015, she knew it had to be a place where more women frequented often.

Her passion for health and wellness led her to Pure Barre, where she started participating in classes throughout the week, eventually leading her to an open instructor position.

“I wanted to invest in my own Pure Barre studio at first…after becoming an instructor and working with a community of women consistently, I realized that I truly loved helping women, especially those who were similar to me in age.” 

Eventually, Deanna was able to launch a Pure Barre studio in Birmingham, AL, where she saw immediate success as women rolled in ready to get their fitness fix.

A change in direction…

Fast forward some time and Deanna’s step-father was diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia—the second most common form of dementia behind Alzheimer’s. With her Pure Barre studio in full swing, she made the courageous move to step away and focus full-time on taking care of her family.

During this time, she was looking for a way to vocalize her experience. Between the day-to-day of taking care of her step-dad, and managing the personal stress that came along with it, there had to be a way to get her thoughts out into the world. After conversing with a friend who ran her own blog, Deanna started putting out posts about her experience on her own website.


First, it was posts about Lewy Body and the daily occurrences she took on being a primary caretaker. Then, she started to drop more and more of her personal reflections and practices into the conversation, and her audience couldn’t get enough. 

From her food and nutrition to lifestyle tips like flattering summer fits, even the occasional “dating in your 40’s” piece, she was finding new life in the small community she was building online. 

Feeling fed by this community, she started looking for ways to create more of this in her daily life.

From Content Creator to Coach…

If you’re in the coaching industry or have spent time around it, you’ve probably heard of the Faster Way to Fat Loss program. As Deanna continued to build out her blog, she also took on the role of coach and mentor for the Faster Way program, helping more women lose weight and understand their bodies better. As she continued down this path, new opportunities arose for her to start taking 1-on-1 clients who wanted to work directly with her.


“There are all these groups for women—single moms, pregnant women, women in their ‘20s, ‘30s—but there never seemed to be a group for women with menopause. As someone who was experiencing the same thing, I knew there was a large group of women looking to have conversations about a major topic that is often overlooked by the industry.”

While Deanna continued to pump out successful Faster Way clients, her 1-on-1 began to skyrocket. Every day women were messaging her asking questions about menopause, healthy eating, lifestyle practices, and more. Eventually, she found herself spending more time on Facebook messenger than she did on Faster Way. 

With an IIN certification in her back pocket and a growing list of potential clients, it was time for Deanna to start making moves of her own…

This propelled her straight into developing her business—Well & Worthy Life.

What is Well & Worthy Life?

This is not your typical mom-blogger just looking to garner a few more Instagram followers. 

Well & Worthy Life is a place where women can come together and address the big questions they have. From menopause to marriage, fashion to fasting, it’s more than a resource, it’s a community of committed individuals looking to win over the second half of their lives and make the best of it. 

With a growing and dedicated community, Deanna needed a way to connect with those people, without having to manage multiple Facebook groups and comment sections. 

After chatting with a few friends and hearing feedback from her assistant who participated in Amanda Nighbert’s LEAN program, she figured, why not check out the possibility of her own app. 


“I knew I had to do something…I hated managing Facebook and needed a way to grow my community without adding extra work to my plate. After talking with my assistant, who did the LEAN program, I thought my own app could be the way to go.”

I’ll fast forward past the boring stuff that she did—like scheduling an app demo with the SPRNG team and chatting with coaching and marketing experts—to the good stuff. 

Within 60 days of signing on with the SPRNG team, Deanna launched her own app crafted for her business and her new monthly program, Balance

This app gave her the freedom to step away from the arduous Facebook tasks, away from the umbrella of her previous coaching gig, and away from the stress of running a business like a game of twister. 

In return, she gained more clients looking to follow her program and find success, more time with her family—including her granddaughter, and more freedom to run her business the way she wanted to. 

“SPRNG has given me the confidence and authority needed to grow my coaching business. Now, when I tell someone I have my own app, they are surprised and want to check it out…It helped me streamline my business, so I can do more of what I want to do, like actually coaching and spending time with my family.” 

Since her launch, Deanna has watched Well & Worthy Life thrive as new clients come in to sign up for her Balance program. Beyond that, she has also found the time and space to focus on developing her business and planning for the future, which includes growing her podcast, creating additional programs, and serving her digital community through a variety of health and wellness efforts. 

If you can’t wait a second longer and you’re eager to learn more about Deanna, Well & Worthy Life, and her program Balance, I’d recommend clicking this link right here to find out more. 

Deanna answers your questions: 

What is the most rewarding part of coaching? 

“Feedback by far. Even if it’s just one person who’s telling me about their experience or how they feel better than they did before, that’s what gets me going and keeps me moving forward.”

What is the most difficult part of “online” coaching? 

“Feedback as well! Running a completely digital coaching practice is tough when it comes to engagement—most people don’t want to put themselves out there or engage with someone they don’t know face to face.” 

What is one piece of advice you would give to other coaches?

“Get help! We all know that help makes everything better, but so few of us actually ask for it. Don’t try to do everything yourself—find your people, let them help you, and you’ll be surprised what can happen!”

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