Do You Want To Cut Through the Noise of the Fitness Industry?

“Fitness” is the 5th most common topic shared on Instagram—the hashtag alone has over 300 million posts associated with it. If you thought that was big, just look at how many posts “food” has—that’s right almost 400 million. That’s a lot of noise around two topics that drive the hell out of your fitness business.

Cutting through all of that noise is like leading an expedition through the brush of the Amazon with a rusty butter knife.

When it comes to reaching your specific audience, we can’t pretend that there’s not a lot of competition. But what we can do is tell you how to find your own lane where you can dominate without having to play against everyone else.

Rather than settle for being another cog in the fitness industry, we’re going to give you simple steps to cut through the noise and find success with your health and fitness business.

Are you ready? Here we go…


1. Line up your skills and passion. 

Passion is contagious. When you’re passionate, people around you start to take notice and they can’t help but want to jump in. But passion is not just some magical substance we stumble upon—it comes from within, and you can direct it with your own intentions. Thus, defining that passion is the crucial first step in cutting through the noise.

Passion won’t solely get you there, you need to have skills that enhance that passion. When you use your knowledge and skills in tandem with your passion, you will find that your content is better and people will genuinely want to work with you.

Here’s a tip to get you started: Stop thinking and start doing. You’ll find your passion through engagement, and you’ll see what you’re good at through action.


2. Pick a specific group with a specific problem. 

The old phrase “ jack of all trades but a master of none” still applies in today’s fitness world. When it comes to content marketing, spreading yourself thin doesn’t pack the same influential punch as focusing your efforts more narrowly.

For example, there are thousands of nutritionists in the United States, each vying for the attention of potential clients. However, there are fewer nutritionists who focus primarily on women’s health, even fewer who focus on serving the health needs of mothers, and even less who specializes in postpartum health.

By narrowing your focus down to a more specific group, suddenly your competition gets a lot smaller. Even though that focus is smaller, you’ll still be gaining more clients and business because you’ll actually reach people and solve their specific problem. 


3. Dive deep into research and learn everything. 

Successful business owners know how to sniff out their audience’s needs. To stand out and gain more paying clients, you need to keep your focus entirely on solving one problem for one group of people. Too many times a business tries to be everything for everyone, and before they know it they’re nothing to nobody.

That is why you need to spend some serious time researching your target audience and getting to know how they live and consume content. This means looking at other coaches and brands for trends, understanding what resonates, and getting a lay of the land you want to take over.

This will inform the way you start to craft messaging that aligns with your audience’s problems and injects you as a solution. In doing so, your efforts of reaching them will be far more effective and you’ll start to root yourself in a specific area of focus. 


4. Be better at this one focus than anyone else.

You have a limited amount of time, energy, and resources. So cultivate a relentless focus on one topic that matters to your target audience and become an expert at that. Then, once you’ve established yourself as a go-to on that topic, stack your success by mastering a second, then third topic.

Showing up consistently will only help grow your reach and build you a list of faithful followers. That’s why it’s important to create a system that allows you to deliver on a routine basis.

For example, we like to start out at the beginning of each month with a content marketing plan. Here, we identify the topics we want to cover for the month and start to outline what content will be given to you, our SPRNG trainees, every single week.

One way to make this easier on yourself and more consistent for your viewers is to create content that’s the same every week.

Take this approach: Monday’s could be a short meditation to kick the week off, then Tuesdays can be exclusively set aside for fitness tips, and maybe you dedicate Thursdays to delivering a new workout. The list can go on and on, but the point is to hold yourself accountable by setting a standard practice you can follow every week.

Good skills take time but spreading yourself too thin wastes time. Don’t spend that time majoring in minor things. Master one thing at a time, be the best you can be in the space, and you’ll quickly win the trust and respect of your audience.


Be the sharpest knife in the fitness jungle.  

Getting through to your audience feels impossible when your tactics are spread too wide. Blunt marketing attempts won’t cut through all the social media noise.

But, if you narrow down your efforts by aligning your passion and skills, digging deep into your knowledge of your target market, seeking out their problems like a bloodhound, and becoming an expert one topic at a time, your social media game will be razor-sharp.


Looking for a community of coaches and experts?

Surrounding yourself with people in your field can be incredibly helpful and inspiring.

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