What Your “About Me” Page Is Missing

If I’m being honest, most About Me pages stink worse than my gym socks. That’s because most people like to talk about themselves and frankly, I don’t care about you—not in a mean way, in an, I’m-a-busy-person-and-I’m-here-for-a-reason way.

Once my attention is turned toward you and away from your product (aka your coaching program), the faster my wallet goes back into my pocket and my eyes wander elsewhere. I want to know what you can do for me, not what you were doing in circa 2004. 

You may not realize this, but the About Me page is one of the most visited pages on your website.




It’s where your next potential client is going to decide whether or not you’re the coach for them.

About Me pages are not the place to throw random facts about yourself or to spew an entire biography. It should be simple, concise, and clear—I want to know why you should be my next coach.

About Me pages aren’t complicated, and you can have a badass About Me page if you follow these steps.

Let’s get into it…


The setup.

Despite being called an “About Me” page, it is not the time to start babbling about yourself, especially at first. There’s just one personal interest you should be gushing about here—your passion for helping people get healthy

In your own words, tell your visitor, “I’m here because my passion is serving people just like you.” Explain who you are in relationship to their success and they can’t help but keep scrolling down the page.


Build trust by making a promise. 

Now that your visitor knows you’re here to serve them, it’s time to prove your worth. Show your reader that you’ve experienced their challenges, you understand their needs, and you can help them get that result they really want.

Try this on for size: “I asked all the same questions when I started learning about healthy eating.” Or “I know firsthand all the balls you need to juggle when it comes to staying healthy while you____.”

Then, reassure your reader with a line about how he or she is in the right spot. You can do this by filling in this simple sentence: “I help _____ like you get _____.”


Be specific about what you do, but also make sure you express how it helps them.


Let go of the limelight and pass the mic.

Your visitor is wondering why they should listen to you. So, what’s your street cred? How have you earned your stripes?


It’s time to step into the spotlight. But make it so brief that your eyes don’t even have time to adjust. Simply give them the basics—your name, business credentials, coaching history, etc. If you’ve nabbed a certain title, won an award, or have some A-list clients, drop those deets here.


Then, quickly pass the mic to your previous clients and customers and let them do the talking.


Testimonials, recommendations, and endorsements are your gold mine when it comes to building trust with your prospects. Let these clients from the past explain to your visitors why they should listen to you.

Check out how one of our coaches, Emma Montgomery, highlights her success stories on Instagram. 


(Don’t worry we are going to teach you how to collect those testimonials soon)

Steer people through your sales funnel.

A good host gives their guests some direction: “Come into this room, grab a beer. Explore the patio, there’s a fire pit going out there”—you get the picture.

Don’t leave your website guests wandering. Help them find their way around by giving them the next step.


Where should you direct them? 

That depends on your business strategy and established sales funnel. Just like any other content you create, whether that’s a blog post or an Instagram story, your About Me page must have a purpose and role to play in your overall sales funnel.

If you’re a seasoned coach, you’re likely publishing on multiple platforms, so invite people to a few of those and hook them with a really strong call-to-action (or two…or three).


This critical step is one that gets skipped over all the time. The About Me page is some of the best real-estate you have online—make it count. 


Give your About Me page (and your whole business) a huge boost.

Let’s pull it all together. 

  1. Start by focusing on your clients, 
  2. Follow up with a trust-building promise. 
  3. Then offer your best credentials and paint your history. 
  4. Pass the mic over to your happiest clients from the past. 
  5. Wrap it all up with a call-to-action, telling your visitors what to do next, and steering your visitors down the sales funnel. 

And that’s it! This simple progression will help your About Me page answer all of those questions visitors might have.


Now you are ready to start telling people who you really are. 


Before you go…

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