The Best Way To Get Feedback and Testimonials From Clients

Get Your Clients Talking About You…

If you asked Amanda—the founder of our company here at SPRNG—how she built her multi-million-dollar coaching business, she’d certainly talk about testimonials. She’d explain how she built a reputation over the years by truly caring for her clients and working her ass off to provide valuable courses for her people.

Customer feedback and testimonials are real, authentic, and speak volumes compared to you bragging about yourself. Plus it benefits your business twofold—they keep you engaged with current clients, and they prove to potential clients that you know what you’re talking about. 

But this brings up an important point:

When you’re starting off creating your coaching business, how do you make these connections and establish your street cred? How can you show potential clients that you’ve earned your stripes, that you mean business, and that they can trust you? 

Today, we’ll show you how to collect those strong testimonials and build your business’ reputation. Whether you’re the new fitness game or you’ve been in the coaching industry for years, here’s how to establish street cred and entice more satisfied clients with testimonials.

Turn surveys into stellar testimonials. 

Stop scouring your old client emails for some compliments. Instead, set up a simple survey for your clients to fill out throughout their time working with you. Google Forms and Typeform are great tools that let you create surveys that match your brand, choose from a range of question options, and analyze responses. Simply create a series of questions regarding your client’s progress. 

Formulate your questions so that they focus on the goals and strategies that are laid out in your program. For example, if your program promises to help people lower their BMI, make sure you ask specific questions about BMI changes over time. If your program focuses on helping older adults build back their balance, make sure your questions help them describe how much their balance has improved since working with you. 

The goal of these surveys is to help your clients recognize how much progress they’ve made and encourage them to get down on paper how effective your program is. So be sure to include open-ended questions or a section in your survey where your clients can write testimonials in as many words as they’d like.

A picture is worth a thousand testimonials, so ask your clients to submit progress pictures as well. Just make sure that you ask permission in your form to use their feedback on your website, social media, et. Otherwise, all those gushing compliments will end up just beyond your legal grasp.

Make the Process Efficient with Email Automation

The more admin tasks we can automate, the better for us coaches. So make sure your surveys seamlessly send by building email automation that delivers your new feedback form to your current clients.

There’s no need to write a novel when creating your email. Instead, keep this email short and sweet, with a strong call-to-action, and a simple subject line like, “Just checking in…” Keep this email in rotation so that all of your clients receive it whenever they start a new program of yours. 

Mailchimp is the go-to tool for easy email marketing and automation. If you’re new to this tool, we’ve got you covered with a simple six-minute video tutorial. Once you get the hang of this tool, you’ll be able to easily create an automated system to send your feedback form and gather great testimonials.

Don’t Wait Until Your Program is Over! 

By incorporating surveys into your program early on, you’ll gain feedback without having to ask any favors. Simply have the client fill out your survey before their first session, two weeks in, and at the end—rather than rallying with them when it is all over. 

By doing this you can see the difference in their answers and note the progress. Also, consistency here leads to better feedback and testimonials. Feel free to respond to your clients’ reviews. Your people will see that you care and are engaged with them the whole time.

Gather and Share Your Biggest Endorsements

Kind words from your clients can transform how potential clients see your business and increase the likelihood that they’ll jump on board too. 

Once you’ve gathered several surveys and feedback from your current clients, put them into a cohesive design. Then, shout these praises from the mountaintops! Add them to your email signature. Write a blog or make a video that includes what your clients have to say about you.

Spread this good news about your business across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any other social media sites you use. Boost these testimonials’ performances by adding a call-to-action onto the end like, “Want to feel like she did? Call me today!” Just make sure you have their permission to use these testimonials, and leave out the client’s last names when referring to them.

You can also prominently display your testimonials on your website, whether you have a testimonial page, a testimonial sidebar, or create a space right on your homepage. Testimonials perform well on landing pages where you’re asking visitors to sign up for a product or service you offer. They can be that last push that can make your potential clients feel great about working with you and click that call-to-action button on your website. 

Try it Out and Let Your Clients Market For You

Testimonials, recommendations, and feedback are a gold mine when it comes to building trust with your prospects and best believe they can help seal your next deal. 

Did I mention…

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