14 Essential Playlists for Fitness Coaches

What does your music taste say about you?

Some say that people who prefer dance music are usually outgoing, assertive, and open to new experiences. Fast-paced electronic fans tend to be more quick and aggressive compared to introverted classical music lovers. 

Have an ear for indie tunes? You might be more introverted, intellectual, and creative.

Meanwhile, jazz, blues, and soul music tends to draw out creative extroverts.

It’s normal to define ourselves through music and in the fitness coaching game, we tend to be running the speakers around the clock. By this point, those same tunes on repeat might be—and probably are—annoying both to you and your clients. 

Whether you’re spending a day with yourself in the home office, looking for a set of songs to connect with your clients during a group training session, or need fresh background music for your new workout series, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are 14 playlists every coach should queue up…

Wake-Up Call 

Spotify partnered with psychologist David M. Greenberg to put together the perfect playlist for waking up in the morning. These inspirational and uplifting tracks will get you feeling positive and motivated to start off your day right. 

Songs to Sing in the Shower Shower

I don’t know about you, but in my house, it’s a weird day if the shower is running and the music isn’t. This uplifting playlist will get you hitting those high notes at the beginning of the day. 

Tunes to Boost Your Mood

Research shows—and our everyday experiences confirm—that one of the easiest ways to boost your mood and energy levels is to listen to your favorite upbeat music. This playlist has nothing but happy-clappy songs for those days when you just want to feel positive.

Meal Prep Music

These oldies will get your hands chopping and your hips swinging. 

Self-Care Soul Soothers

Light some candles, soak in a warm bath, and turn up this soft and relaxing radio.  

Making Dinner Dance Music

A silent kitchen isn’t one worth cooking in. Paste Magazine put together this perfect playlist that you can pop on in the background while prepping dinner with your partner. Super diverse, the playlist covers a range of genres—some upbeat tunes, some silly songs, and some slow-dancers. 

Zen Out and Meditate

This playlist will have you feeling so tranquil, you’ll think you’ve escaped to a yoga retreat. Ease your mind with these deep meditation sounds. 

Songs to De-Stress

Music can do wonders for our moods. Studies have even shown that listening to a choice of music during medical procedures can lower a patient’s heart rate, blood pressure, and anxiety level. This playlist has a mix of relaxing and positive-feels songs that’ll help those worries slip away. 

Jams for Group Training

Full of over 5 hours of songs, this group training playlist will give you plenty of sessions worth of upbeat tunes that’ll keep your class pumping. 

Friday Feelings

These poppy electronic tunes will get you pumped and ready for the weekend.

Beats That’ll Boost Your Workout Burn

A 2019 study in Psychology of Sport & Exercise found that when people worked out to music, they exerted more power during sprints and enjoyed them more. Tuning in to high-tempo beats during weightlifting and endurance training can help you through a hard workout. Check out this high-tempo playlist Nike put together for heavy training. 

Light Workout Sounds

Fitness influencer Whitney Simmons put together this poppy playlist that’s perfect for those light Sunday workouts. 

Pop Songs Playlist

If you’re a pophead, this playlist will keep the hottest tracks playing around the clock. Updated weekly, you’ll be up to date on all the best poppy tunes.

Deep Focus Beats

When you have a long day of desk work ahead of you, there’s nothing more mood-setting than a lo-fi playlist to get you in a deep work zone. Make yourself a coffee, pop on this playlist, and start typing.

Say Adieu to the Melody Monotony

We’ve got you set up for the best mood-matching and motivating playlists you can turn on this month. Now it’s your turn to ride the wave forward and see where your coaching business can go. What can you do this month to grow your business? 

For starters, you can start with our coaching secret—the SPRNG app—that’s doubled our income and our clients’ incomes in the past year. So, pop on a pump-up playlist and give your business a push forward by scheduling a free, no-strings-attached demo to see what a personalized coaching app can do for you and your business.

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