How to Become a Better Health & Fitness Coach in a Global Pandemic.

You’ve probably thought about taking the month off to binge-watch Tiger King and drink wine like the rest of the world. But, your coaching instincts won’t let you do that—and you shouldn’t. The next 30 days are going to be a challenge none of us expected in 2020, as COVID-19 has cast its nasty shadow over the world. Both you and your clients have been forced out of the gym or office, and left with a tough choice: continue the health and fitness journey alone, or put it on pause like everyone else.   As a coach, it’s your duty to partner with your clients on their health journey. Right now is your time to step up, and make an impact. It’s not going to be easy or sexy, but that’s what coaches do—we lead. So, here are the 6 ways you can be a kick-ass health and fitness coach during a global pandemic.   

1. Deliver your expertise digitally.

If the social distancing orders didn’t make it clear enough, you need to go digital now. That means finding ways to translate your expertise in a digital ecosystem.

Start with a website. It doesn’t have to be complicated or perfect—just a place where your people can find everything they need to keep working with you. Creating an online hub, complete with your services and skills, will help current clients stay in touch and potential clients find you.

WordPress and Squarespace are both solid options for those looking to get a site up and running with ease.   

2. Build the easiest fitness funnel in the world.

We as health and fitness professionals, have been educated on the human body and have the tools to guide others as well. Now, it’s time to share all of that information.   Focus on hooking your audience with content that stirs their interests or solves their problems. This will create awareness around your brand and service, so people know exactly what to expect from you. Whether that be workout schedules, meal plans, or meditation practices, it doesn’t matter, as long as it can provide value or answer questions that people have. From there, it’s a matter of delivering. Establish a system that you can execute every single week—not once every two weeks, or once a month, every single week. As a coach, it’s your job to show up each week for your clients, and this is no different—we are just swapping some dumbbells for a keyboard. This will build up that trust muscle every client must grow with their coach. Once they are engaged with your weekly content, give them the opportunity to get exclusive information through a purchase. This might be one-on-one coaching, custom workouts, or recipes not offered to your general audience. The end goal here is to get potential clients in the door with your teaser content and secure them with a purchase. From there, it’s up to you to deliver as a coach.  

3. Be the coach with a plan

Just as your clients follow a plan, so should you. You’ve taken the time to compile a collection of killer health and fitness content, now it’s time to strategize. Creating a content plan accomplishes two tasks: The first being that it establishes a concrete strategy you can rely on every week. Having that constant reference point holds you accountable to deliver on a regular basis. The second is that you now have a plan you can tease to your audience. Rather than waiting for that week’s content, you can tell your audience what’s ahead, so they can mark their calendars and dive into your content when it comes out. When crafting your schedule, think about the style of content you want to send as well as the time you want to send it. Great content is only impactful when people see it, so find a time that works with your audience—this might take a few tries, but you’ll find the sweet spot.  

4. Be the dependable guide in this weird time.

 Staying engaged with your audience is the single most important thing you can do throughout this entire quarantine. This is especially true now, as everyone is hyper-aware of their health and actively looking for ways to improve it while at home. As people cling to their phones and computers like life rafts, you can step in and be the guide to their health and fitness questions. If you’re delivering relevant and valuable content on a weekly basis, people are going to notice, and eventually, expect it. Over time, those weekly readers are going to become digital disciples who rely on you to be the fuel of their fitness appetite. Gymshark athlete, Devon Levesque, nails this approach with his 30-day transformation challenge to benefit employees affected by the coronavirus  

5. Find complementary partners.

There is no better community than the fitness community—that’s a fact. Everyone here is on board with living a better and healthier life, so why not do it as a team? Seek out opportunities for collaboration. It will help widen your reach and build your audience, while also doing the same for your partner. Plus, your audience gets to connect to a larger community with the same goals and aspirations—now that’s kick-ass. Think about what can compliment your services best? Would partnering with nutritionist benefit you and your clients? Maybe a yoga professional can bring some unique insight to your practice. Whatever the focus is, find a person or brand that aligns with your mission and can bring more value to your people.  

6. Keep showing up

Easy to say, but hard to do. That’s what this health and fitness hustle is all about—showing up. Your clients are counting on you to be their guide. Your audience is looking to you for great content. Step up and show them why you’re the health and fitness coach they want to work with. There is no better time to build your marketing machine than right now. The audience is there, craving your knowledge and expertise, now show up and deliver. If you’re new to the health and fitness game and want to get your hands on more coaching content and a structured way to build out a signature program, sign up for the SPRNG Acceleratorour four week business accelerator that prepares you to launch your signature program. 

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