The Ultimate Coaching App Nobody’s Heard Of…Yet

For months, we’ve been coming to you with tips, tricks, and expert advice on how to build and market a profitable coaching business. 

But there’s something we haven’t spent much time talking about, and it might be the juiciest trick in all the fitness industry—and it could help make you 6 figures this year. 

What is it you ask? 

The SPRNG app. 

Few people have heard of it, but the coaches who have implemented it are seeing their client list rapidly grow, and their business is thriving. (We’re talking six zeroes kind of thriving)

We’re so excited about this app and how much success coaches are having with it, we had to talk to you about it. 

SPRNG is the new coaching app on the block and it’s starting to gain some big attention. 

Allow us tell you a little more about why you need to add it to your arsenal…

What is the SPRNG App?


The SPRNG app is the ultimate group coaching app. Personalized to each coach’s brand and business, SPRNG packs in all the features needed to blow up your business’ income potential through group training. 

Here’s how you know we’re not messing around. 

This app was made by coaches for coaches—and we were its first guinea pigs. Amanda Nighbert, the owner of our company and head of the health program LEAN, tried out this same platform before we started offering it to other coaches. 

After two years, she has gone from a day-to-day job as a hospital RD to making over 7 figures running group training sessions with thousands of clients. 

SPRNG is simple, intuitive and fast-tracked so that you can start telling your clients about your app today and have it up and running for them in less than 3 weeks. 

And the best part? 

It’s made exclusively for you and nobody else. We take your branding and integrate it into every detail of your app so that users clearly know who’s the author behind the screen. 

How is SPRNG Different and Better Than Other Fitness Apps?

SPRNG might not be as recognized as others like Truecoach, Trainerize, and Peloton, but that is because it’s in a league all it’s own. With over a decade of experience in the health and fitness industry we’ve seen it all, and finally got tired of it. We wanted to bring coaches an app that would truly profit you and showcase your business, not ours.

So instead of broadcasting our own brand, we slip into the background, and your clients won’t even know we were ever there. Nowhere on your app will we flash our brand and our name. And we don’t stick your information into a simple template either.

Your clients will go to the app store and see your face, your brand, your products, and your programs featured on your private-label, personalized app. 

But aren’t mobile apps super expensive? 

Yes! Hiring Appreneurs to work with you personally can feel like cutting a gaping hole in the bottom of your money bag. The average price of even a simple app is between $40,000 to $60,000. How many people can afford that?! 

But we’re thrilled to say that we’ve put together a team of health and fitness experts, skilled marketers, and developers who design and build your own coaching app for $2500. 

You read that right, $2500. 

Just to let you in on a little secret—coaches using the SPRNG app quickly made back the money they spent on it and then watched their income surge.

What You’ll Get with Your Own SPRNG App

You’ll find a long list of super easy-to-use features that comes with your own custom app tailored to your business, like a Content Portal where you can keep exercise programs, meal plans, and program content; and Referrals, where you can snag more clients with an easy, built-in referral system. 

And you’ll be making money while you sleep. Your app will automatically distribute programs and messages to your clients. You can run multiple courses at one time without having to be present in any of them. With your own SPRNG app, you can enjoy an extra-long lunch break, take that yoga class you haven’t had time for, or head out for vacation a day early, all the while knowing your app is busily working for you. 

By using SPRNG, you can create group training courses that can scale your business beyond one-on-one coaching and into the thousands. 

But you won’t be working alone. 

You’ll have access to a team of marketers and other virtual coaches from SPRNG who know how to run successful programs and can help out. 

What other coaches say about SPRNG

Of course, you probably want to hear from other coaches who have used the app and see how they feel about it. Here’s what Emma Montgomery said about using the SPRNG app for her coaching business:

“It’s priceless in that it’s given so much time back to me! It is extremely user friendly, for both myself and my clients and the automation of my programs has given me more time to focus on other aspects of my business.”

Go check out what she’s doing if you want to get an idea of how SPRNG has unleashed her business potential. 

Adding a coaching app to your entrepreneurial toolbelt is a big step in the growth of your business and the SPRNG app, along with a team of eager hustlers, are ready to help you get to your goals.  

Take six seconds and schedule a free demo, if you like it come join us and we’ll get your coaching business in front of every iPhone and Android on the planet—not really, but we like to think big. 

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