SPRNG Coach Spotlight: Shellby Matullo

Shellby Matullo’s life has always revolved around fitness. From the childhood days of challenging her brother in personal records to competing at the collegiate level, fitness chromosomes have been coursing through her DNA since day 1. 

Let me tell you a quick story just to show you how much health and wellness mean to her. 

Before her professional coaching career, Shellby was involved in a pretty nasty car wreck that could have left her paralyzed or dead, had it not been for the muscles protecting her essential organs. That’s right, those muscles she spent years building, saved her life, literally! 

So when I tell you she loves keeping fit, I mean she LOVES it! 

This love for wellness transitioned into her professional life when Shellby joined the Air Force and was sent overseas in 2017. After living with and training her CLUmate (containerized living unit) for their 6-month tour, she couldn’t believe the results both physically and mentally. 

“Her physical gains were unbelievable and quite noticeable, but I couldn’t help but acknowledge her mental clarity. It was as if she had a completely new perspective and was ready to live a full life—and I got to play a small part in that process.”

With a successful client on her track record and a ticket back to American soil, her attention was focused on fueling this coaching craving. 

The coaching come up…


Jumping into a full-time coaching gig was not the first thing on Matullo’s radar after leaving the Active Duty Air Force in 2019, and transitioning to the Reserve. Matter of fact, her biggest interest was in Physical Therapy Assistant school—but the fitness game wasn’t going to let her out easy. 

While working toward PTA school, she began pursuing certifications in personal training, fitness specialist,  group fitness training, and Shellby started slinging helpful health and wellness tips on Instagram. 

One here, one there, until she realized that people were growing hungry for more of her wise words. So many that she took it upon herself to start putting out full workouts on Instagram every week just to see how her followers would react. 

And react they did…

Across the board, people were shouting out @supershellb.fit on the ‘Gram and asking for more health and wellness guidance. At one point, Shellby found herself laying in bed with her so mind fixated on helping as many people as she could that she couldn’t sleep. 

So she spread the word and nailed down her first official coaching client—who just happened to love the program so much that she recommended it to 5 (that’s right, 5) other women, who jumped in headfirst.

Best believe those 5 women saw amazing results and before Shellby knew it, she had a coaching business on her hands. 

Let me introduce to you Baceline Fitness…


It’s the ultimate program for people who are looking for balance, accountability, consistency, and effort all wrapped into a comprehensive training program. 

This small idea hatched with some encouragement from a phone call with a friend and quickly snowballed into a full-fledged training program when she was introduced to the SPRNG app. 

After chatting with the SPRNG team, it was clear that Shellby had something big on her hands and she needed the right app to get her health hacks out into the world. In a matter of weeks, she went from sending clients a slew of texts and workout videos, to cohesively packaging her entire training program into a fitness app made for her business.

With her own app in hand, Shellby was able to focus on creating a killer fitness program that helped others kick their bad habits, form new ones, and feel better doing it. 

Now, she runs two programs, Baceline Elite (a 6-week program) and the Coach’s Cut (30-day program), both of which are steadily flowing with clients who have found success under Shellby’s coaching. 

Shellby Answers Our Questions

When did you realize you wanted to make coaching a full-time job?

“My heart was so focused on helping people that I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Once I helped a few of my friends reach their goals, I realized that this is what made me happy, fulfilled, and driven, so I had to jump in.”

What is the most rewarding part of coaching? 

“Coaching is a reward in and of itself because it’s such a fun job, but for me, it’s all about seeing the complete transformation. Physical change is awesome, but when you can see the client shift their mindset, then you know they’re really committed. Also, I love the self-actualization that comes with training clients and helping them reach their personal goals.” 

What is the most challenging part of “online” coaching?

“The first is the ability to connect in person. I’m big on direct connection and not being able to be physically present with my clients makes it tough–especially during COVID. The second is the tough time I have trying to let go of the emotional and mental weight that sometimes comes from working with clients who are having a tough time; the heaviness that I try to listen to and comfort them through while training. Sometimes there are days where you want to let go of those burdens for them but you cannot.”

What is one piece of advice you’d give other coaches?

“If you’re confident in knowing that this is what you want to do, be patient, trust the process, trust your higher power, and take it in stride. It will all come with time and faith!” 

If you’re interested in learning more about Shellby’s App, Baceline Fitness and her program, click the link right here and start chatting with her

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