9 Newsletters for Every Health and Fitness Junkie

Let’s be honest, you’ve probably got a few spammy emails and newsletters resting in your inbox. They’re boring, ugly, and no more than weeds in your digital garden, choking out your desire to read great emails.

397 recipients felt the same way when Gary Thuerk slung the internet’s first email blast to their inboxes unsolicited. Though most weren’t keen on the move, it earned Thuerk’s company $13 million in sales, dubbing him the “Father of Spam”. 

At the point of Gary Thuerk’s first email blast, a person’s email inbox was very private—exclusive to mostly work and friends. Today, the modern inbox is a smorgasbord of messaging that ranges from informational and entertaining newsletters and stories to promotional rubbish. Everyone’s fighting to squeeze in your personal space, catch your attention, and get something from you.

Just like any other kind of content, email marketing can be riddled with spammy sales tactics or provide real value for real people. If you check your email trash bin, there’s a graveyard of unopened messages that can attest to this.

Since that trash is nice and full with examples of all the things not to do with your newsletter, we decided to bring you the 9 best email newsletters in health and fitness. Whether you’re the amateur coach, new client, or experienced veteran, you’re bound to find something that won’t end up in your spam folder.


Fitness Newsletters

Yoga With Adriene

Adriene’s personable style shines through in her videos, social media, and email newsletters. Just search “yoga” on Google, and you’ll see that Adrience dominates. While many yogis post pictures and videos of themselves mastering difficult poses and contorting themselves into all different shapes, Adriene keeps it extremely simple for every kind of practice.

Her newsletter is no different. She brings together thousands of yoga enthusiasts across the interwebs, offering up tips, encouragement, new practices, and even some life updates. If you’re looking for a new Sunday read and meditation practice, you can count on Adriene to deliver with her Weekly Letter.


The Fitnessista

Fitness director, personal trainer, and weight loss specialist, Gina Harney, created this clever blog out of her home in San Diego. As a working woman and mother of two, Gina connects with her audience by offering advice on how to stay healthy while living a busy life. Her forte is quick and effective workouts that can be squeezed in during naptime or between errands.

Gina’s newsletter is hard to resist. With a free 30-day meal and fitness cheat sheet for those who sign up, Gina dangles a lot more than a carrot in front of her potential subscribers. And it’s worth it. She’s friendly, relatable, and flaunts some of the most unique content like family-friendly bulk recipes and workouts you can complete while grocery shopping.


SPRNG Training

We love supporting others in the health and fitness industry. So, we work hard every day to create and offer the best resources we can for people like you who are building a health or fitness business from the ground up. That’s a lot of work (we know, we did it), and we want to be that friend who shares the secrets of success.

That’s why we created SPRNG Training–the weekly email that floats to your inbox filled with nuggets of wisdom about growing your health and fitness business. From marketing and content tactics to industry tips, we want to help you stop trading time for money and start scaling a fitness empire. (Just in case you aren’t signed up, here’s that link.) 


Health and Wellness Newsletters

Found My Fitness

It’s hard to find solid information on health and wellness. With WebMD and the endless internet, almost anyone can put false medical advice out into the public domain, making it difficult to determine what is legitimate. But, when it comes to being legitimate, Dr. Rhonda Patrick is at the top of our list. 

Dr. Rhonda Patrick (a Ph.D. in biomedical science) is passionate about digging into complex biological and medical problems and distilling them down to clear and interesting portions that we all can digest—that’s right no overly-complicated doctor talk.

Her newsletter takes on the same simple and applicable approach. Dr. Patrick does the deep work, interviewing the world’s most influential health and exercise scientists, sifting through their findings, and taking away practical advice for the rest of us. Each week, she shares updated information on the latest health discoveries from around the world. If you’re in the health space, you’re going to want this flooding your inbox. 


Well + Good

From skin-care and relationships to fitness and holistic treatment, this well-rounded resource tackles all the trending health topics. Based out of NYC, Well + Good’s contributors are made up of a savvy scene of fitness, beauty, and yoga experts.

Their newsletter is addictive for wellness junkies like us, covering topics like the newest protein powders, gut health products, butt-sculpting yoga moves, and $15 speedy-result skin serums.

While their newsletter’s format is a little more promotional, Well + Good has made their ads feel more like an indulgent shopping spree than a pushy sales pitch. For those of you who are fans of quick and easy, this is as simple as it gets


Fitness Magazine

This mega-fitness company has some great resources for people in the health and fitness industry. Their topics cover a wide range including yoga, strength training, stress management techniques, business strategies, and a hell of a lot more.

It’s a great resource if you’re looking to put a spin on trending topics for your own brand. Their newsletter includes exercise programs, beauty trends, dieting tips, and the latest wellness advice.

Since Fitness Magazine has such a large audience, you’ll be able to see what topics are trending across the masses, all the while, picking up a few wellness tips and tricks for yourself. 


Food and Nutrition

Pick Up Limes

Dietician Sadia Badiei ran a one-woman shop for quite some time. She, like many other food bloggers and vloggers, decided to leave the corporate world and pursue her passion for healthy dishes—sound familiar?

Today, Pick Up Limes has a titanic group of nearly 2.8 million subscribers, and hundreds of thousands of non-subscribers also join in to watch Sadia build a beautiful roasted red pepper hummus sandwich or meet during her Tuesday Tea Time videos.

Sadia’s success can be attributed to her hard, consistent work, obvious passion for her field, and great marketing techniques. In her arsenal of marketing strategies, she has an email list that we think will be well-worth the inbox space.

Sadia doesn’t want to overwhelm you either. Instead, she sends out insider updates every few weeks that include health and wellness tips, exclusive recipes, nutrition info, and PDFs that will help you stay organized and healthy. 


Oh She Glows

Angela Liddon shares colorful vegan recipes and treats that are so tasty, you won’t need any self-discipline to turn down junk food. Her success is largely due to these tried and true recipes (try out her Weekend Glow Salad, it’s our favorite). In the past few years, Angela has ramped up her marketing efforts. Her app, which shows off her tasty recipes, might be one of the prettiest in the game.

Angela’s tone is simple and straightforward. You get the impression that she’s aware you don’t have time to scroll through paragraph after paragraph describing the ins and outs of every ingredient she includes. Her newsletter is similar, and we find it refreshing.

While less wordy, Angela’s newsletter makes sure that you’re notified when she comes out with another one of her coveted recipes and that won’t disappoint you—we can attest to it.



In 2012, Lisa Bryan was diagnosed with four autoimmune diseases. She had built a successful career in the corporate world but realized how drastically it was affecting her health. So she decided to make a shift—go back to school, become a health coach, and start her own business. Thus came Downshiftology.

Through social media, vlogging, and blogging, Lisa shares simple and fresh paleo-friendly recipes with lessons on health and nutrition along the way. Lisa is open and welcoming, making you feel like the two of you have been friends since middle school–except she’s bringing some badass recipes that your mom definitely wasn’t packing in your lunch back then.

What makes Lisa so effective is her personal experience before her health turn-around. She knows what resources are helpful and what people need to hear because she’s been there. Lisa’s ability to connect with her audience is a powerful skill that any of us can learn from. Her newsletter proves it by offering a free, 21-page Gut Superfood guide that each of her newsletter subscribers receives as a welcome gift. 


A Final Tip: 400-year-old advice that is even more important today. 

For centuries, talented authors have been telling us the secret to great writing (or in your case, great newsletter content). In 1640, renaissance playwright Ben Jonson explained, “For a man to write well, there are three necessaries: to read the best authors, observe the best speakers, and exercise his own style.”

Each of the newsletters above are using email marketing to push their brands forward and you can too. Fill your inbox with the good stuff. Read what they’re writing. Get familiar with “what’s trite and what’s fresh.” Then, put your fingers to keys and get some emails out there. 

If you’re looking for some newsletter topics, you might find our 50 Content Ideas Guide to be the perfect companion on your email marketing journey.

Until then, we hope to see you on the other side at SPRNG Training, where we welcome newcomers and share coveted tips with our insiders.

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