The 3-Step Coaching Tactic To Getting More Clients In The Door


That’s how many people, besides you, are working coaches and trainers in the U.S.

Saying that you have to compete for your audience’s attention is an understatement. With all these coaches slinging IG posts, sharing YouTube workouts, and pointing to different diet words on TikTok, gripping your audience and turning them into cold hard cash can feel like a never-ending workout. 

That being said, there are 3 things that most of these coaches are missing in their effort to seize new clients. These 3 things are simple, easy to execute, and lead to more potential clients busting through the digital doors of your website, social media, and email. 

These 3 things will set you apart from the rest of the competition, if you’re willing to put in the work…

1. Put Your Big Promise Front and Center

Working with clients requires trust and what better way to gain trust than with a promise. If you’re in the market for quality clients, fronting your website and social with your big promise is essential to gaining their trust and becoming their go-to coach. 

What is a big promise, you ask?

Your big promise is your brand one-liner—the clear and punchy sentence that encompasses everything you bring to the table and the benefits your clients will get from working with you. Crafting one is rather simple—just answer this prompt…

“I help ____ do _____.”

It’s as easy as that—tell people what you’re going to help them with and how you’re going to do it. Clients come knocking when you make firm promises and deliver, or even better, over-deliver, on them. 

At SPRNG our promise is to help health and fitness entrepreneurs launch their own app. It’s simple, clear, and to the point. If you’re ready to launch your own app, we’re the ones to help you do it! 

The strongest promises are simple, straightforward, clear, and center-stage on the homepage of your website. Then, when it’s time to deliver don’t be the coach who cried wolf—show them you’ve done this before. 

2. Back Your Big Promise With Social Proof

Does your program work? This is the question your potential clients will be asking when they check you and your website out. 

Those moms who want to start rocking bikinis at the beach again are looking on your website to see if you’re the coach that’ll get them there. Show them you’re the coach they need by stacking your website homepage, testimonial page, social media, emails, and other outlets with strong social proof that your program not only works, but exceeds their expectations. 

Testimonials outperform accomplishments and accolades. 

While your certifications and accreditation on your About Me page can assure your potential clients that you’re trained and ready for the job, your winning argument is always going to come in the form of your social proof. 

Prove your program’s worth with client before and after photos, quotes of them bragging about your program, or short success stories. 

You’ve coached before and have the clients that can display your program’s value. Collect the best customer feedback and testimonials that highlight these results, and prove to potential clients that your program works. 

Once they see that you’ve walked the path and helped others succeed, they will know you can help them do the same. 

3. Give A Clear Call To Action

Once you’ve made your big promise and proved that your programs work with testimonials, your potential clients will be eager to take the next step. Push them in the right direction with a strong and clear call to action. 

Without a clear call-to-action, these primed and ready clients might wander and drift off, and we don’t want that to happen. 

The best CTAs that get clicks take three steps.

First, decide on the action you want potential clients to take. For example, you may want them to join your email list, sign-up for your six-week program, or purchase your new e-book. 

Second, make that CTA clear and concise so that the person can move forward to the next step of working with you. Don’t complicate your CTA and confuse your clients. In copy, clear communication always performs better than sounding clever. Tell your potential client exactly what is going to happen once they take action and click that “sign up” button. 

Third, make your CTA consistent across your site and social media. When your CTA looks different on different pages and platforms, it ends up confusing potential clients and can damage the trust you’ve built with them so far. Make sure they don’t feel like you’re tricking them into buying something they didn’t want by consistently displaying the same clear CTA across all your outlets. 

You’re Three Steps Away From Beating The Competition

While these three marketing tactics are straight forward, they take work. If you’re willing to put in the effort to make a big promise to your clients and keep it, back your promise with social proof, and create a clear and killer CTA, you’ll be ahead of the game. 

If you’re ready to give your business a big burst of speed, take six seconds and schedule a free demo of the SPRNG app. You can ask any questions you have and see how your coaching business will grow with your own app. 

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