What It Takes To Craft The Best Online Coaching Program In The World – Part II

What would you do with a million dollars?

If this question sounds like a daydream to you, then you haven’t realized how valuable your skills are as a coach. 

Health and wellness has exploded over the last year and a half and now more people are looking for that coach who can get them to their personal goals. 

And guess what…they’re willing to pay top dollar for it! We’re talking about some serious cheddar! 

So how do you tap into this pool of potential wealth? We’ve found the three-part method that has helped our SPRNG coaches make the big bucks. 

The first part is creating your Pillar Program—an automated group training program you run through your own app or on Facebook. This Pillar Program is your biggest money-maker and the first stepping stone to gaining a faithful client. We dropped all the secrets to building this program in Part I of the SPRNG Methodology, so give that a read before you jump further down this page. 

Once you’ve got your group training program running on repeat, it’s time to turn your attention toward a second stream of income for your coaching business with a high-ticket 1-on-1 Program. 

If you’ve been thinking about jumping back into 1-on-1 coaching, this is your guide to building a killer 1-on-1 offer that clients can’t resist.

Bring some bulk to your baseline program…

You’ve worked your ass off to create a stellar Group Training Program, now you’re primed and ready to create your 1-on-1 Program. Instead of starting from scratch, leverage the knowledge and structure you’ve already developed in your group program and apply it to your 1-on-1. 

Group training is focused on the high-level solutions that all clients can apply to their lives. For example, most of the people going through your group program will learn the basics of whole food nutrition, macro-management, and dynamic movement. These are foundational building blocks for any health program. 

Your 1-on-1 program, on the other hand, gives you a space to hone in on each individual client and offer highly catered health tips. Maybe your 1-on-1 clients need to learn about the importance of intermittent fasting. Maybe they need a few customized workouts based on their abilities and interests. Maybe they are craving their own nutrition and meal plan so they know exactly what to eat. 

Taking the foundational elements of your group program and bulking them up with some specific practices or concepts can make all the difference in running a successful 1-on-1 program. Think about the little things that clients want to pay extra for like weekly accountability calls, extra workouts, a customized menu plan, or bonus resources like guides or e-books. 

Practice what you are already preaching…

Your 1-on-1 Program needs to be hot. When I say hot, I’m talking scolding—so much that when a potential client stumbles upon this, they can’t help but want to ink you a check immediately. 

How do you create said heat? 

First, look at the features that are working best in your group training program and double down. 

Is your Managing Macros Guidebook that hot item all your clients love? Add it to your 1-on-1.

Do you have a workout series that every client is clamoring over? Add it to your 1-on-1. 

Are your suggested meals becoming a household staple for your group training clients? Add it to your 1-on-1. 

These items are already ingrained into your coaching philosophy, now it’s a matter of giving them more attention and tailoring them to that 1-on-1 client who is paying you the big bucks. 

Remember, this 1-on-1 program needs to provide value to both parties. If a client wants to work with you 1-on-1, make sure that they are willing to pay top dollar for your extra time and attention. And vice versa, if someone signs up to work with you individually, best believe you need to step in and give them that extra attention and guidance that they’re paying for. 

Paint the picture for 1-on-1 clients…

A thriving 1-on-1 program is built on clarity and efficiency. Since these clients are paying the big bucks, show them you’re stocked with the best by painting a picture of what they can expect in this program. 

Outline the extra items that don’t come in your group training program. Be sure to include hot-ticket items like private calls, tailored plans, and personal accountability—these are the extra things that most clients are looking for in a 1-on-1 coach.

With those items in hand, create a clear cadence—decide how many weeks this program will last, what your clients can expect during these weeks, and how frequently you’ll meet with them. 

In addition to scheduling your meetings, set clear “office hours” when you’re available to clients. 

While one-on-one coaching does require more attention on each client, it’s important to protect your time. Make it clear to your clients when you’re available to them and when you’re offline. 

Inject your 1-on-1 with accountability…

This is by far one of the most valuable and coveted elements of any strong 1-on-1 program. Anybody can run a group program that has one live call a month, but it takes extra time and effort to be present and hold your clients accountable every single week.

Make sure that you inject accountability opportunities into your 1-on-1 program so that your client knows you’re going to be there every step of the way. Schedule regular times to check in on them, whether that’s with an evaluation form or live call, to go over how they’ve progressed. Celebrate their biggest successes and keep them encouraged as they go forward.

Share your program with the world…

Now that you’ve created a killer 1-on-1 Program, it’s time to make it public. Spread the word about your program on social media, highlight it in your blog, promote it in your email marketing, and add it to your services page of your website

Make it easy on yourself and clients by offering your 1-on-1 at a slight discount to repeating clients who participated in your group program. Chances are, those who found success working with you and likely to want to do it again. 

Give them a quick download about the benefits of your 1-on-1 and how it varies from your group-based program, so they can decide for themselves if they want to take it to the next level. 

Price at a premium…

This is by far the biggest mistake that most 1-on-1 coaches make—underpricing. 

You’ve spent the time to educate yourself, build a program, and put it into the world, don’t take steps back by pricing yourself low. It might feel strange at first, but there are a lot of coaches out there and the ones who value their work always yield the best clients and results. 

Helping people grow in health and wellness is priceless, but your time is not, give yourself the space to offer a premium price and in return, you will get premium clients. 

What are you waiting for, the time to create your 1-on-1 Program is now!

You’ve already got your group training program on rinse and repeat, now it’s time to create the irresistible and profitable 1-on-1 Program that clients can choose if they want to really take their health to the next level. Next, we’re going to tell you how to keep those clients around long after they’ve run through both of these services with a monthly program.

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